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4 Effortless Summer Looks

Typically, fall is my favorite season for fashion. Even better than fall is that transition from summer to fall. That perfect temperature where you can wear a jacket with shorts, or a tee-shirt and jeans.

Combat boots with skinny jeans, oversized tees with a denim jacket, sweats with sneakers, or a hoodie with denim shorts; there are so many ways to mix and match, layer, and create a fall look.

All that being said, I’ve always hated summer outfits.

Mostly because if I’m wearing anything in 90-degree weather, it better be a bathing suit. This summer, though, I’ve tried to step up my game a bit and attempt to put together some summer outfits I dig.

Since I’m going to be home for the remainder of the summer and dressing up isn’t necessarily ideal, or required, I’m going to share a few outfits I categorize as “somewhat-lazy-but-with-effort.”

Tie-Dye and Sneaks

Ah, my favorite look on a lazy day. An oversized tee with some sneakers, and spandex underneath. Not just any tee, though, but a tie-dyed one to match my newest K-Swiss sneakers.

This is my personal go-to because my collection of tees is quite extensive. (Thanks, Goodwill!)

Light Jacket and Spandex

For my sporty folks out there, or if you are like me and want to appear like you work out, here is a simple look with a sports bra, light jacket, and spandex.

Super comfy and super casual, the perfect combo!

Add a pair of Air Force 1's or your favorite sneakers, and you're ready to rock.

Tank and Denim Shorts

Next, I put together a simple, black, ribbed tank with light-wash denim shorts.

This look can be dressed up a bit with some sandals or made more casual with some tennis shoes.

Whatever your style, you can never go wrong with a ribbed tank.

Bathing Suit Top and Cover

This last look is ideal for a beach or lake day, with maybe some shopping or dining in between.

I grabbed my favorite, vibrant bathing suit top and slid on some black denim shorts. Neon and black compliment each other so well, and I loved this look so much!

Maybe you don't want to only be in a bathing suit top all day, no problem! Grab a fun button-up blouse to tie it all together - pun intended.

This cheetah top from Goodwill is one of my favorite finds so far this summer. I can't wait to throw it on over my bathing suit and head down to the sand!

Amplified with my own style, I took some pretty basic fashion ideas, but turned them into something I love, which is the beauty behind fashion.


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