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2020 Songs That Feel Like 90s Movies

The start of a decade seems like the perfect time for artists to experiment with something new and create fresh, futuristic sounding music. During the new year and especially a new decade we were all looking for something different in our lives, whether if it’s a big lifestyle change or just a change in scenery.

2020 has also been a time for people to reminisce, spend time with family, and think of the good ole days.

Coin and Dua Lipa have been able to use this to their advantage and create vintage sounding music in this new day and age.

Today’s times have been hard for everybody in general and many other events have happened. 2020 graduates don’t get to have the full senior year experience, music festivals are being canceled, or even worse – you’re having to move back in with your parents. “Music isn’t canceled” is a phrase I’ve been seeing a lot on social media recently. These artists have released the perfect songs at the perfect time.

These songs are the ones you picture yourself in the music videos for and the ones the main character in a coming of age movie is singing into her hairbrush during the opening credits.


The Nashville based pop band Coin released their third album Dreamland on February 21st. The title of the album couldn’t be more accurate, the entire thing feels like a dream.

The song ‘Never Change’ is one song that feels exactly like a 90’s romantic comedy. This is the song they play when the boy finally realizes he’s in love with the girl but it’s too late. I feel like I could write my own rom-com based solely on this song. The continuous, deep drums throughout have that feel-good song vibe.

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa’s highly anticipated sophomore album Future Nostalgia is what gave me inspiration for this. The album is a colorful, electric 80’s experience that makes me want to go to a roller rink. She created such a fun album that feels so inspired by the past but is also different from any 80’s album I’ve heard – it’s modern vintage.

The music video for ‘Physical’ is the perfect visualization for what I think of when I listen to the album. Everybody is dressed in colorful vintage-inspired outfits and makeup. The set and lights are all vibrant and she has perfectly tied in the futuristic aspect of her album with the huge props and stages.

Dance your heart out this summer to these nostalgic feeling songs.


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