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Thrift Review: Louisville, KY

I am not from Kentucky, but I have done my fair share of traveling all over the Bluegrass State, and from an outsider’s perspective, Louisville is one of the crown jewels of Kentucky. Louisville is a city with a rich history that hosts good food, beautiful parks, colorful downtown life and a little bit of an artsy, hipster side for being in such a traditional, southern state; at least, that’s my take on it.

Last week I spent my day off in Louisville doing a mini-tour of thrift, vintage and secondhand shops in the city. When I first tried to make an itinerary for this mini road trip, I was absolutely overwhelmed by the options and did not even get to all of the ones I planned on visiting. I purchased a ton of amazing, one of a kind items and plan on going back very soon.

Goodwill - St. Matthews

My first stop of the day was at the Goodwill located near St. Matthews, on 4201 Goodwill Way. I usually don’t find many things at most Goodwills I shop at, but I was amazed at all the cool things I was able to find. The store was super clean and organized, there was a huge selection and the employees were so nice. I ended up finding a neutral turtleneck sleeveless top, an argyle sweater vest, an oversized trucker jacket and a black slinky ruched dress. I love all of these finds and have actually already worn them all. I would rate this visit an 8/10.

Nearly New Thrift Shop

While finding Nearly New Thrift Shop was a bit difficult (it is in the basement of a grocery store), the shop is located at 1250 Bardstown Rd and is such a hidden gem. While this store was a bit more pricey than Goodwill, they had a lot of luxury pieces and a huge selection. All of the clothes here were hand-picked vintage pieces. I would say that this store definitely caters to an older crowd (rather than college kids), but I ended up finding a super trendy corduroy long sleeve button up and a beautiful vintage scarf to wear as a tie top. I would rate this visit a 9/10.

Nitty Gritty

Located on 996 Barrett Ave, when I walked into this shop I fell in love. Though definitely the most expensive stop of the day, they had a ton of really cool items and even had a section of amazing costumes for rent. They also offer alterations and a wide selection of vintage accessories which I love. I found my favorite item of the day in this store; a 1950s Christian Dior slip dress, with tags still on. The dress is absolutely beautiful, a light pink slip with lace and logo detailing. I would rate this visit a 7/10.

Fat Rabbit

When planning my trip, I thought that Fat Rabbit would be my favorite stop of the day because when I asked my friends from Louisville where to go, they ALL mentioned Fat Rabbit. Located at 1000 E Oak St, this shop has a grunge retro feel and has tons of vintage Playboy magazines, books, records and cassette tapes. The store has a really cool vibe but a low collection of clothing, so I actually did not end up finding anything at this stop. They did have a really large and awesome collection of t-shirts, so if you’re looking for those, this is where to head. I would rate this visit a 5/10.

Overall, I was so impressed by the vintage culture in Louisville, KY, just over an hour from our home base here in Lexington. I’m already planning my next trip, and will definitely plan many more and so should you!


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