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The hottest new pieces from I.AM.GIA

Since I.AM.GIA just released a ton of new items, and because I am way too broke from holiday shopping to purchase any of them, I decided I would detail them here on the blog so my fellow fashion-forward people could buy them for themselves (or as gifts).

The I.AM.GIA release page is absolute fire right now, especially because they decided to stick with a bold, red theme for their new arrivals. The color red, as many know, is associated with passion, strength, courage, love and activity. Red is a statement color, one that screams “look at me!” in a way that is mysterious, sophisticated and hot. And this new collection is exactly like that; full of statement pieces that are artistically and intentionally designed to turn heads. The pieces fall somewhere in between the current popular throwback trends of '90s thrift style and y2k. As someone who loves both styles and constantly wishes she could wear both every day, this happy - and stunning- medium that I.AM.GIA has reached is killer.

My favorite pieces from the new arrivals (and that I wish were currently in a package on their way to me) that you should check out are as follows:

1. Peyton Jean

The Peyton Jean is a straight-leg mom jean with a red and black tie-dye pattern. Absolute perfection.

2. Marlow Jacket

This cropped, corded fur coat is serving all the winter baddie looks. I am obsessed with it in both red and black.

3. Skylar Skirt

While this skirt slightly resembles something I would’ve worn to school in the third grade paired with a Justice shirt, I am thoroughly obsessed with it for that exact reason. All the 2000s vibes are perfect for a y2k outfit or anyone in need of a jean skirt with both an edge AND a dose of femininity.

4. Cosma Dress

Okay, this is my absolute favorite piece, mostly because I could see Paris Hilton wearing this to go clubbing back in the early 2000s. The red-hot color and front cut out are absolute eye-catchers. That’s hot, literally.

5. Lia Wrap Top

This top is definitely a statement with the wrap detail and use of floral in a way that contrasts with the badass vibes the shirt gives off. For inspiration, think of an off-duty VS model wearing this top.


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