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The Best Celebrity Costumes of 2020!

Here’s the thing about Halloween 2020, this is a year some of us might be in self-isolation, quarantine or wondering what it means to do anything socially-distant. This does not mean that the fun of dressing up, eating candy or decorating should get pushed to the side! No, no, no, the time to go all out is here. My list of celebrities and influencers with the best Halloween costumes did not miss the mark this year and went all out!

First up is Sofia Richie! She was super badass this past Oct. 31 and decided to dress up as Halle Berry’s Cat Woman. Richie was decked out in head to toe black leather with a rockin' black leather face mask to match her other accessories. Make sure to check out her Instagram to see all of her photos @sofiarichie.

Next up is Kendall Jenner as Pamela Anderson! Make sure to not call her babe once you see her killer photos of Pamela Anderson‘s iconic black motorcycle outfit! Plus, Jenner not only landed on the list for her super sexy costume but also the message behind it which was encouraging her followers and everyone who lives in the United States to go out and vote this election season! All in all, this costume was a 10 out of 10! Check it out on her Instagram @kendalljenner.

Third up on my list is YouTuber and Instagram influencer Niki Demar! Demar led her followers to believe on Oct. 30 that she was going to be a playboy bunny in a green latex bodysuit. However, she surprised everyone when she posted an iconic series of photos of her dressed up as Avril Lavigne’s character from her smash hit "Girlfriend"! When I tell you that my mouth hit the floor, it hit the floor! I have so much love for Avril Lavigne and it was so cool to see another influencer that I enjoy dressing up as her.

Fourth on my list is the talented, yet controversial YouTuber and Instagram Influencer and now TikTok star Nikita Dragon! Let me say, Dragon was able to deliver head to toe in her costume as X-Men’s Mystique! I remember first seeing her costume in a glimpse of Kylie Jenner‘s Instagram stories over the Halloween weekend and thought, wow, I love how they fully commit to a costume!

The fifth and last costume that I think deserves an honorable mention on this list is The Weekend as the Nutty Professor! As I said, I like when people fully commit to a costume and The Weekend was able to pull this one off with the help from prosthetics, of course!

But, these are my top five celebrity costumes of Halloween 2020! Do you agree or disagree with my list? Let me know!


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