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The 70s are back: In the fashion world, history repeats itself

Fashion over time has made massive changes, but somehow always makes time to repeat itself. Ever went through your mom's old photos and got taken back at how stylish her outfits were? It's easy to imagine yourself wearing them in today's time many years after she roamed the streets in them. We take style inspiration from past looks, not realizing how vintage our style is. It is always exciting to see which trends will make a comeback and how people will style them in new ways. Some of the latest trends that were once favored decades ago and have made their revival are corsets, low-rise jeans, go-go boots, crochet, groovy prints and many more. History has always found its way to repeat itself, which undoubtedly stands true in the fashion world.

Fashion designers have taken note that trends will make a comeback every 20 years. Most of the clothing we wear today is a reconstructed version of something others used to wear in the past. This is why designers bring back old trends. With details manipulated like the material or shape of the resurfaced trend, the style is presented to incorporate fashion today. Let's take a look into these time-traveling trends and how society today showcases them.

Low-rise jeans rose to popularity in the early 2000s. Many celebrities heavily influenced the accustomed jean to its fame, like Britney Spears, Rihanna, the members of Destiny's Child, Lindsay Lohan and many more icons. Numerous trends from the 2000s received a warm welcome; others have been an immediate "no." The return of low-rise jeans today has been welcomed back by many. Starting with models like Bella Hadid, many take fashion inspiration from her Y2K wardrobe, including low-rise jeans. Some people love low-rise tight around the waist; others feel more confident in a baggy low-rise jean that isn't clung to their body. Many would rather instead stick to their high-waisted jeans because you can never go wrong with those. Love it or hate it, there is no denying that people are trying out low-rise denim again.

One trend from the mid-sixties that was once so popular that everyone had to have a pair has made a surprising comeback as well. Go-go boots are back, making a fashion statement once again. Women loved go-go boots because they drew focus to your legs with only modest exposure for a less daring, yet fashion-minded woman. The latest go-go boot styles have been constructed to better suit contemporary times in fashion today. Incorporating a knee-high boot to any dress or skirt always finds its way to pull the outfit together, making the look more eye-catching than any other shoe would. Ankle boots will always be essential in the closet, but there have been more knee-high boots on the street style scene as the years go on. If you want to be fashion-forward in 2021, get yourself a pair of knee-high boots.

Once widespread in the 70s, crochet has come back with designers reinventing it with a modern new take. Many people’s 2021 summer wardrobes consisted of colorful crochet bikinis, dresses, skirts, hats and handbags; if you didn't own a crochet clothing item this summer, you wanted one. Trends from the 60s/70s are making a comeback right now, making crochet a better time to flourish once again. Crochet has a sort of bohemian feel; even if that isn't your style, you will find yourself at least loving one crochet item. Many will say they were never a crochet fan until it came back with a fresh new take.

Groovy patterns are something society has swayed away from in recent years, but 70s prints have made their way back. Prints in the seventies were loud, proud and visually appealing in just the right way. Many brands are reminiscing on the seventies with groovy prints, showcasing their love for colorful patterns through their clothes. Fashion designers are bringing back clothing that is loud and vibrant with patterns screaming, "Look at me!" Brands like House of Sunny and Paloma Wool are two popular brands that have brought back the 70s-inspired designs, with the prints becoming a top seller.

The fashion that has become popular over the years is a recreation of many past decades. Fashion designers love to find something old and rework it to make it more modern and new. An important question is, should these trends have stayed in history, or are they here to stay?


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