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My First Trip To Boston

Over spring break, I took my first (ever) trip to Boston, Massachusetts.

In past years, my typical spring break consisted of my family, the beach, the ocean, some sun, and total relaxation.

This year, my trip to Boston allowed me to experience both the excitement of a fast-paced city and the tranquil beauty of the north shore with my boyfriend.

When it comes to any big city, shopping is one of my favorite things to do.

In Boston, I found that I could literally walk up and down Newbury Street for hours. I was definitely attracted to shops unique to bigger cities such as ZARA and even some thrift stores. But I could still find new pieces that I loved at stores that were already familiar to me. And when I needed a break from shopping there was always a coffee shop or a cute restaurant close by.

We also made it a point to go to the Museum of Fine Arts, which was amazing. It was so interesting to not only visualize the art but to also read about it—the Claude Monet exhibit was one of my favorites. We walked the halls for about 3 hours, examining masterpiece after masterpiece. I would say it was definitely worth the $20.

To take a break from all of the walking, I decided to sign up both myself and my boyfriend for a SoulCycle class. I had only taken a SoulCycle class once before, so I was a bit nervous. But it ended up being so fun, and it honestly felt so good to workout during a vacation (something I don’t typically do).

However, it’s always nice to get away from all of the busyness of the city. Luckily, my boyfriend had a friend from Boston who took us on a little trip outside of downtown. The drive in itself was relaxing, seeing the scenery right outside our window. We stopped in towns like Gloucester and Ipswich, where we saw some of the most beautiful north shore beaches, and we even visited a historic home

All in all, I’m happy that I took advantage of the opportunity to go to Boston for spring break. Boston has something for everyone, so if you love a big city or want to experience the north shore, I suggest you make the trip too.

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