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Everything in my wardrobe is ugly

Everyone goes through phases in their life — it’s part of growth. When I was a kid, I went through a phase where I ate waffles every single day for breakfast. That lasted for probably three years straight. Now, I am not saying everyone goes through the same phases — I am sure most of you did not eat waffles every single day for breakfast for years in a row. But nevertheless, we all have our phases. I think my fashion sense, style and taste go in phases too.

Lately, when I go to pick out an outfit, I do not like any of my clothes. It feels as if I am walking into the closet of another person. It does not feel like any of these clothes fit my style or taste anymore. Sure, we all grow out of clothes and certain trends, but I am talking about all my clothes. I think I need an entire wardrobe change — not like I have the money for that though.

Now, I shouldn’t say everything I own is ugly. It’s not. A lot of it is great. But my style is going through a different phase than what I own. I want more colorful clothes, not just black and white and gray taking up a chunk of space in my closet.

To fix my dilemma, I have been thrifting more and have been styling pieces differently than I have before. Thrifting is much more sustainable and usually better priced than other new items on the market. Instead of wearing a top I own and do not love anymore, I have been layering and adding different jewelry to make my pieces seem newer and different than before. But when that fails, I walk into my roommates’ rooms and beg for help.

I am not sure why we go in phases, but it is a part of life. Will my phase of hating all my clothes end? I don’t know, but let’s hope. My waffle phase ended, so maybe this one will too.


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