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Chanel Spring 2022 collection

Photo courtesy of Chanel.

Classy, timeless, elegant and chic are all words that can perfectly describe what Chanel has put out on the runway for this spring. Coming in on horseback to start the show, Charlotte Casiraghi, Princess Grace Kelley’s grandaughter, rode in to surprise the crowd.

I would always sneak into my grandmother's room at her house and spray her Chanel No. 5 perfume on me when I would visit her. Every since I was nine, I have been infatuated with Chanel and still have my first bottle of Chanel perfume that my grandma bought me that year when my obsession began. Virginie Viard, Chanel’s artistic designer, used the 1920s as her inspiration for the new line. Xavier Vielhan came in to help her and used inspiration from the World Fairs that would take place in the 1920s. He knew he wanted designs that were fun, classy and exciting. He wanted the show to start off with an entrance by the horse because Chanel has always been feminist, but can always be worn to play golf and polo and was originally crafted for that.

I would describe the line as classy, colorful and exciting. Chanel had designs that were classy, like silk pantsuits and tweed dresses. They then had sheer torso dresses and fun flair coming off the dresses as well. They had a good mix of looks that followed their brand and some looks that were new and progressive.

The spring collection on the runway and the spring collection online are very different, though. I personally am more of a fan of their pre-spring collection that is online and for boutiques. There seems to be more color and patterns than what was shown on the runway. The colors that seem to be most prevalent on their site are shades of pink and some purple. So make sure to be looking into that when shopping for your new wardrobe this spring!

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