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Being "That Girl" this year

The age where everyone wants to be productive and put together has birthed the “That Girl” trend. The “That Girl” trend or aesthetic is essentially a showcase of one's togetherness, typically demonstrated through a 60-second TikTok filled with bright lighting, five-minute journals, lemon water and Lululemon leggings. While there’s nothing wrong with anything of those things listed, I personally believe there is so much more to being “That Girl.”

In light of the new year, I began my quest to become “That Girl” but for myself. Mentally, I want to be “That Girl” that shows unconditional love, support and respect for her present and future self. Physically, I want to be “That Girl” I see in the store and say, “God, she looks cool.” In order to become both of these, I need a lot more than what the trend presents. I need patience with myself, understanding of myself and time with myself. In all honesty, I need more time away from my phone and more time living my own life.

In case I’ve jumped the gun and you aren’t aware of what being “That Girl” means, here are two working definitions: being “That Girl” means being the best version of yourself you can be, but it can also be as simple as wanting to fit a certain look or aesthetic. The deeper reasons why you or I want to be “That Girl” go unbeknownst, but can be summed up to simply wanting to be productive and proud in our own skin. The only way to become “That Girl” is to spend more time with yourself. To not look outside yourself—and as cheesy as it sounds, to look inside and around yourself.

Watching content from “That Girl” accounts showed me that each of them had a high sense of self-awareness; awareness of their personal interests, personal goals and personal downfalls. From this awareness, they have created a routine that allows them to operate as their most productive and proud selves.

For me, I feel most proud of myself when I can properly spot a rhetorical appeal or workout more than a week in a row, no lemon water or five-minute journal involved. But that’s just me. What about you? What makes you feel proud and productive in your own skin? Is it the journals, lemon water and Lululemon leggings? Is it messy planners full of crossed-off tasks and a full schedule?

I want to challenge you to join me in finding out how to be “That Girl” for ourselves this year. I think it’s a lot more than what the trend presents.


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