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A not-so-New York campus

With New York City being one of the largest fashion cities in America, it would be a crime not to recognize them for their honor in influencing fashion in Kentucky. Personally, I aspire to someday live up to their craze in style. Being in a city full of expression is bold and holds power within the people. Although I attend the University of Kentucky, I somedays get the feeling of power to make a statement with my outfit, while most days I go with a subtle flex.

An empire of brands living in New York can be an influence for this power in fabrics. With Gucci, Prada and so many more luxury fashion houses within blocks of your school, you have that feeling of confidence to reveal and wear the new fad of the day. As the University of Kentucky’s closest luxury brand lives inside Macy’s (Chanel), we do not notice as many students partaking in fashion trends as you would see in New York, as we are not a fashion school or even near a fashion school. Not only do luxury brands influence fashion, but celebrities and influencers also do this. For myself, I recognize my fashion being inspired by Hailey Bieber, where many of the photos I look at of her are in the streets of New York City. People are inspired by others, whether that means through social media or in-person interactions; we want to be someone other than ourselves at times. With our celebrities here at UK, we notice more jerseys and fewer blazers, which is common on a non-fashion school campus, especially for an SEC school, whose celebrities' fashion sense usually involves some sort of ball in the picture.

How might students at a non-fashion school find fashion trends? Well, there are so many ways to find inspiration, Pinterest being a huge contender as it supplies so many outlets to artists and their work. Magazines and blogs like this one are other great ways to get inspired! Personally, I love YouTube. I get to watch and listen to all kinds of people. KarenBritChick is a channel I have fallen in love with over the years. Karen Blanchard—"A Brit in NY,” she calls herself—interviews people on the streets of NYC about what they are wearing. The people vary from casual pedestrians to designers who are out walking the streets. Her channel delivers big-city fashion to little cities all over the world. At this southern college, many are desperate for a look inside a fashion capital, and people like Karen Blanchard are to thank for their service to aspiring fashion icons.


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