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7 Places To Donate Unwanted Clothing

We all have a bad habit of buying clothes and never wearing them or buying something to only wear it once and never again. That leaves us with overstuffed drawers and closets racks full of clothes that could be given to a better cause. All over Lexington, there are a number of places that take gently-worn clothing year-round. So, instead of watching your clothes pile up, help out someone who could benefit from your generous donation.

1. The Salvation Army This is a nationally known organization that accepts clothing for women, men and children in good condition. Not only does your clothes help stock the Salvation Army stores, but proceeds help to fund the adult rehabilitation centers as well. There are two drop-off points in Lexington that are able to accept your donations.

2. Goodwill Most thrift-shoppers know of this place already, but Goodwill is a popular donation store. Goodwill not only helps with community outreach for low-income families/individuals, but they have many resale shops. The proceeds that these stores collect also benefit Goodwill charities. You can donate clothing for women, men and children. Along with furniture, books, movies and other trinkets. Most Goodwill stores in Lexington have a drive-thru area where you can easily pull up and place donations in bins.

3. Church Under the Bridge This organization was developed by 16 Lexington churches that wanted to reach out to the inner-city of Lexington and help people who were homeless. Every Sunday this group meets from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. inside Fellowship Hall of Broadway Christian Church. The donations they accept include clothes for women and men, toiletries and blankets.

4. Dress for Success Dress for Success is a worldwide organization that is specifically targeted towards unemployed, low-income women who sometimes lack the money to buy professional clothing to secure employment. This organization accepts clothes that are new or in nearly new condition, current or within the last 5 years, and on hangers. If you ladies believe that you have interview-ready clothes that you don’t care for, this place is the right donation spot for you!

5. Plato’s Closet This is a store that thrives on the donations of brand-name gently-used clothing and accessories to stock their racks. Not only does this store accept donations, but they pay you for them as well! Plato’s Closet creates a money offer based on style, condition and brand of your clothing. If you want the most money for your clothes, try to donate in-season clothing that can be bought immediately.

6. Homeless Shelters and Missions These places are meant to provide people with safe shelter, but many of these places also accept clothing donations of any kind. A majority have a serious need for coats and blankets during winter months, but they’ll also be very grateful with anything you have to offer. All it takes is a Google search to find shelter/mission locations here in Lexington.

7. Family/Friends Community donations are great, but there are also direct donations as well. One way to do this is to ask your family or friends if they know of any family or individual that is in need of clothing. You may be surprised that your loved ones may know of people that are struggling a bit and your clothes could be the help that they need!


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