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Where to Get a Cup of Joe and Stay Awhile

It's no secret coffee o’clock comes in many shapes and forms. Whether you are running late for your 8:00 a.m. class or craving a change in scenery after a long day, Lexington is the home of cafes for every crisis.

Old School Coffee

You can stumble across this cafe after an eight-minute walk from the University of Kentucky campus or downtown Lexington. Located on the colorful streets of the Historic South Hill, Old School Coffee takes you back to Lorelei and Rory days like it's nestled in Stars Hallow. Housed in an old school building with crooked, squealing wooden floors, this place whispers history. This cafe is guaranteed to transport you to the '90s show you have on repeat. The menu flows into the historical ambience with school themed creations such as The Teacher, a vanilla and honey flavored coffee, and The Principal, a vanilla and hazelnut flavored coffee.

Manchester Coffee Co.

Lexington checks all the boxes for aesthetics. Less than a mile from downtown Lexington, you can find a modern industrial cafe with artisan craft coffee and funky flavors. Manchester Coffee Co. is a Lexington staple. Located on Third Street, this spot is sure to keep you awhile. The natural color palette fuels productivity and sophistication with added twists of retro from neon signs that brighten the walls against charcoal gray paint. One may say it resembles a quiet speakeasy with a heavy metal flare. Forgot your headphones? No need to panic! Manchester fills the room with alternative tunes by artists such as Mac DeMarco and Noah Kahan. The cafe carries their edgy mood into their menu. Bourbon and ginger lattes, walnut infused espresso, and rose tonics are just a few of the many delights they offer.

Brevedé Coffee Co.

If you are looking to transport yourself to the streets of Europe, Brevedé Coffee Co. off of High Street is waiting for you. The exterior alone is begging to be added to your camera roll. You are greeted by a rustic community table that provides views of the silent chaos of High Street. The menu is simple yet traditional as this cafe prides itself on bringing European craft coffee to Lexington. Do not forget to snag a croissant or panini before you cozy up. While you await your latte, you can find several nooks and crannies to open your laptop or favorite book. Brevedé offers counter space, small tables, couches by the fireplace or the classic love seat.

Starbucks at William T. Young Library

A tried and true, The Starbucks at UK’s infamous Willy T. is home to the largest Starbucks in Kentucky. Although a classic, nothing is traditional about the size of this national favorite. Hidden behind the stone walls of the Lexington landmark, this cafe brings all the academia vibes. Nestled in the Hogwarts of Lexington, this Starbucks has an array of seating options scattered across the dimly lit room. High top tables, couches, study tables, community charging islands and love seats surround the 6,300 square foot lounge. Fuel your studies with a full-service menu filled with the quintessential snacks and beverages. Worried about the lengthy line? Pre order your shaken espresso from the Starbucks app to ensure you have time for your caffeine fix.

Kenwick Table

A neighborhood and city favorite, Kenwick table caters to all your day and night needs. Owsley Avenue is home to Lexington's most lively community hangout spot. With a menu specializing in the 3C’s, coffee, cocktails and charcuterie, this place is for everyone. Do not pass up happy hour here. Try specialty drinks twisted into cocktail classics such as the Mentelle Manhattan and Victory Vodka Martini. Live music from local musicians binds the community around the brick fireplace with your drink of choice. This Breckenridge inspired café is filled with people from every village; students working on group projects, in-laws ready to hit the road after a long weekend visit and aspiring writers catching inspiration from the scenes around them. The white vaulted ceilings featuring exposed aluminum, expands the room creating room for laughter and comfort.

Whichever cafe you choose, you're sure to find a great cup of joe.


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