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Surviving the First Week of the Semester

Surviving the First Week of the semester: A how-to guide

As the first week of the semester comes to an end you probably find yourself looking back over all the fun things you did over break. Slept in, ate home cooked meals, spent time with family and friends, partied and enjoyed the holidays. And you probably find yourself missing it and just trying to push through until spring break (which seems like years away). Well, it happens to the best of us. But instead of agonizing and waiting, let us find a way to make this semester the best one yet. And I’m here to help! Here are some tips and tricks to get you through the first couple of weeks of the new semester.

First let us look on the bright side of things, its not only a new semester it’s a new year. Which means our slate is wiped clean. So maybe if you didn’t have such a great semester last year, now is your time to try again. With the New Year comes new attitudes, new habits, and a new US! Make your New Years resolution to do better in school – whether that is getting a better grade, joining school clubs, starting a new sport, finding new study buddies, or not pushing yourself too hard this semester. Use this New Year as an opportunity for growth and with the change of attitude you’ll find yourself looking forward to the semester.

Another tip I suggest is – PLAN. Get yourself a planner and be sure to write everything down. Starting new classes can be confusing when on the first day all your professors are throwing things at you left and right (not literally of course). But it can be hard to keep up with which books and supplies you need and what assignments are due on the second day of class (yes some professors give homework on the first day). When you write it all down in your planner it’ll help you keep up with the craziness of the new semester.

Buying new books can be stressful and expensive. My recommendation – don’t buy from the bookstore unless you absolutely have to. It’s much cheaper to order your books online. Some websites I like to use are Amazon and Chegg. Amazon prime lets you order books and have them shipped to you in only 2 days. And Chegg lets you rent new or used books from other students for an amazingly low price. Another tip – always rent, never buy, unless you absolutely have to. Renting is much cheaper than buying.

Take it easy – it’s only the first week. There’s no need to dive head first into the deep end. You have the rest of the semester for that. For now, relax and enjoy not having 8 assignments all due on the same day. Catch up with your friends, meet with your professors, attend the first club meetings of the semester, finish that Netflix show you were watching over break, and enjoy being back on campus. It’s a new year, new semester. Welcome back Wildcats!


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