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Summer Walker Blesses us with "Over It"

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

The “Girls Need Love" songstress, Summer Walker, gave us EVERYTHING we needed and more for our fall playlist with the drop of her album “Over It," produced by her boyfriend, mega-producer London on Da Track, on October 4, 2019.

With Walker’s smooth voice on a range of songs, her lyrics are all based on true experiences. The album was also accompanied by features from your favorite artists. On "Playing Games Extended", we take a walk with Summer through her experience in a relationship where she goes through a tug of war with her feelings and the games being played in the relationship. The song also features a verse by Bryson Tiller as the love interest of the story. Who knew Bryson still did music?!

P.S. Bryson, we want the album now.

She surprised fans with her song “Come Thru” with a sample from Usher’s “You Make Me Wanna” single and a feature from the man himself. The song details both of them wanting to leave their situations to be with each other. We also get to experience our favorite acoustic sound from Summer balanced with her angelic, smooth voice on “Fun Girl.”

“Tonight” gives a slow tempo and sensual sound, taking us through a story of being away for way too long, rushing back to the one she loves and setting a vibe out of this world for listeners. She continues to give us all the R&B hitmakers for her album with 6lack on “Like It” and “Just Might," featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR.

When Summer dropped the pre-order for her album, “I’ll Kill You” featuring Jhené Aiko, got fans ready to run it back before it even dropped. The song details both singers daring someone to come between the greatest loves they’ve ever had. With lyrics like “I’d go to Hell and jail about you boy” and “I do not play about mine," would you try it with them?

The album concludes with a hit remix of her first single “Girls Need Love” featuring Drake. The remix charted on US Billboard at the 37th spot and 16th on Billboard’s R&B and Hip Hop Charts. There’s no debate that Summer is here to stay and ready to leave her mark on R&B for years to come.


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