Like a Local: People Planet w/ Tony and the Choreboys and Tummyache

This is the second edition of "Like a Local," a column by Allie Diggs highlighting the best that Lexington has to offer from music to breakfast to theatre and more.

People Planet, Tony and the Choreboys and Tummyache will be playing at The Burl on Saturday, December 28th.

“Come a Little Closer” to the band known as People Planet. This amazing, young local Band consists of four members. Daisy plays rhythm guitar and sings, Madeline Farrar plays bass and back-up vocals, Charlie Overman plays lead guitar, and Jack Quinn plays drums. This is a personal favorite band of mine. They are a perfect mix of blues, indie rock, and a little bit of a country twang. Each song has a different feel and seems to embody a different type of genre, which I think is super cool. Daisy Helmuth, the lead singer, is a great lyricist, and you can hear the passion in her voice and words as People Planet play together.

The band’s latest release “Preemptive Heartache” reminds me of a 90s love song/lovesick song, with a The Cranberries vibe to it. If you’re not sure who The Cranberries are, listen to their song “Linger” to get a good feel of what I mean. “Preemptive Heartache” is a perfect song to listen to anytime but especially during the cold winter months. I enjoy having a seasonal playlist, and this one is on my winter playlist. Their first release was “Rehab” in 2018, and since then they have released two other singles and their EP “Power Play.” This EP is composed of five songs filled with pure love, happiness, and blues. “Moment of Silence” and “Blues Boy” are my two personal favorites, but I actually can’t stop listening to the whole EP.

Tony and the Choreboys is currently comprised of Jon Mcgee on drums, Harlan Cecil on bass, Ella Webster on violin, and lead guitar and vocals by Taylor Kindoll. Their style is indie folk music written by Taylor. Analog tape recording is how they record their music which is a very nostalgic way of recording. I asked them why they record this way and Taylor replied: “It just gives it a good wallopy feel.” While “wallopy” isn’t in the dictionary, their music makes me feel very calm and has a warm sound. I enjoyed “Lavish Lava Lamp” and “Simp Lee Said” a lot! Their music is on Bandcamp.

Songwriter Soren Bryce has created a new alternative rock project called Tummyache. For six years, Bryce was a solo artist but now she has created this new project/band. The name “Tummyache” originated from one of the side effects of severe anxiety. A very personal and raw perspective on mental health has inspired some amazing songs. You can listen to them on multiple platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. I cannot wait to see this band live!

People Planet has great chemistry, and their stage presence is sick! I have never seen Tony and the Choreboys or Tummyache live but their music is great. I am super excited to see them Saturday. Make an appearance to the show the 28th, it's going to be a fantastic night of music. Follow the @theburlky, @peopleplanet_, @tony_andthe_choreboys_official, @tummyachemusic on Instagram.

Support local artists and rock on!