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Journaling is fun and you should do it

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

One of the best habits I picked up this year was by far journaling. After reading Matthew McConaughey’s memoir, "Greenlights," I thought, if the coolest dude to ever walk the planet is telling me to do something, I ought to listen. And at the very least when I become enviably famous, it’ll make it easier to write my memoir (jokes… kinda). The thing I like about journaling it’s the process of self-reflection through a conversation. That conversation is with you and the only person in your life that matters, you. Journaling doesn’t need rules, but it might use some guidance because it’s not just a diary of my life, unless it was a really good day and highlight an experience, but It’s more so a dive into what drives me, what makes me cry, makes me happy, why it makes me happy, what inspires me, etc. Using the experiences and amazing people I meet, I find a lesson or just a little bit of wisdom from them through this discourse with myself by journaling. You can make journaling as deep as you want because the person it’s for is you, and you have all the answers already, it just might take a little bit to get your mind to that realm of being honest with yourself. Others might write things down to remember, but I like to write everything down to forget. I have a hard time letting things go, so it’s more of an exercise in this regard. I’d reckon I’m a philosophical man, stoic even (or someone who thinks they are). So, using journaling to better understand the person who is experiencing this life makes it better to make decisions and steer it in a way where, at the end of it, I can say I did it right. Honestly, this time, college in general, is the first step in determining who we are. There is so much pressure from society to be on a set path and set career when nothing is set in stone. So, use this time to find yourself whether through journaling, experiences and interactions with the incredible people in this world, but getting relative with yourself is the first step towards living for yourself.


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