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Exploring Lexington: Some of my new go-to places

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Coming back for my second year at UK, I found myself with many more opportunities. I finally had a car here and was eager to explore the many places around Lexington.

I am from out of state and knew nothing about Lexington before coming here last year. Even without a car, I found many cute coffee shops including Coffea, Chocolate Holler and A Cup of Common Wealth. I found some amazing ice cream places including Crank and Boom and Graeter’s. Also, I found some amazing food places like Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen, Carson’s Food and Drink and The Local Taco.

This year I was determined to keep exploring and keep finding some new, fun places to go to around Lexington.

In the last month, I have found many more cute coffee shops, restaurants and fun places to spend the day that I wanted to share.

The first place I want to mention is Brevede. Brevede is a new coffee shop that just opened and is a new go-to place for me. It’s perfect to go to study and get the best cup of coffee, and I hear their waffles are to die for!

Some other coffee shops I finally got to explore were Third Street Stuff and Manchester Coffee. Both these coffee shops were so delicious, and I definitely will be going back.

Third Street Stuff is a vibrant place with so many colors and many unique items throughout their place which gives it such an amazing atmosphere. The Mocha Joe is my go-to drink there, and I highly recommend visiting.

Manchester Coffee is an amazing place to sit down for hours and just study away. This place is very cozy and inviting and, of course, has such amazing coffee to go along with it.

Josie’s is a really cute brunch restaurant that has pancakes to die for. They are known for their breakfast, and I now know why! I left very stuffed with a big smile on my face, to say the least! I highly recommend this as a fun brunch spot with some friends and family.

Evan’s Orchard and Cider Mill is a cute little orchard and pumpkin patch about 20 minutes away from Lexington. This orchard has a store with homemade apple cider donuts along with a ton of other items to buy! It also has a ton of cute photo spots as well for you and your friends and family.

My other recommendation is the Lexington Farmer’s Market every Saturday. Many vendors come out and there are many tasty treats to snag. This includes fresh produce and baked goods and some local restaurants even bring some products.

Overall, Lexington just keeps getting better and better with every new place I find myself going.

My piece of advice is to go out and explore! Finding new places is always such a great way to venture out and brighten your days!


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