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Curls and Confidence: How the Right Hair Stylist Can Promote Empowerment

Getting a good haircut might seem like a simple pleasure to some, but to others, it might be the confidence boost they have been searching for all their lives.

Lauren Hill is a hair stylist based in Lexington, Ky. who recognizes the importance of a good haircut.

“When people come in, they’re looking for a boost. When they come into the salon, they’re looking for a boost, they’re looking for a gas up. Like, they’re looking for something that’s going to make them feel better and so that’s what we get to give,” Hill said.

  Hill has been doing hair for almost nine years. Since starting her career as a stylist, she has only worked at one place.

  Cha Cha’s in Lexington, Ky. is a salon nestled on the corner of South Upper Street by the University of Kentucky campus. According to their website, Cha Cha’s was “built on the simple idea of doing killer hair and treating people like we would want to be treated”.

  Hill believes the culture at Cha Cha’s is unlike that of any other hair salon. She knows that the stylists all strive to make people feel good when they walk out the door.

  “What drew me to the environment at Cha Cha’s was the opportunity to be myself and like be able to exist as a loud person that takes up space in a space that would accept me and let me be that,” Hill said.

  She specializes in cutting curly hair, although that was not always the case. She took a marketing class during the coronavirus pandemic where she was advised to find a gap in the market.

  “I thought about it, and I got a lot of curly-haired people anyway just based upon how I look and so I was like there’s no representation, I will be that representation,” Hill said.

  Hill has curly hair of her own, but she did not always wear it as such.

  “Growing up with curly hair was miserable because no one knew what to do with it,” Hill said.

  She did not start fully embracing her natural hair until after she had her son in 2016. She recognizes that embracing her natural hair has given her a greater sense of herself.

  “With my curly hair it’s an expression of my personality and how unique of an individual that I am and that I want to continue to be,” Hill said.

  Hill’s personality lends a lot to her skills as a stylist. Her confidence rubs off on others, inspiring her clients to try haircuts outside of their comfort zone.

  One client in particular, Lauren Cagle, was encouraged by Hill to cut her hair super short.

  “Well, she was the one who talked me into cutting it shorter. I used to keep it longer than shoulder length,” Cagle said.

Cagle was hesitant to do the cut at first, noting that she thought really short hair only looked good on the exceptionally slender. Eventually, Hill was able to convince her.

  “Lauren tells you something and you believe her. It was just so matter of fact, you know?” Cagle said. “You have such a fun personality, and you have such a bubbly personality. Short hair, short curly hair, would help communicate your personality.”

  Hill likes cutting curly hair because it allows her to connect with a new generation and help them avoid the struggles she faced while growing up.

  “I also like it to be representation for young people to embrace what they have and to like, feel empowered by their natural texture and not try to cover any of it up,” Hill said.

  She also loves the parts of her job that do not involve cutting hair, like connecting with all different kinds of people.

  “At the end of the day is like, a big part of why I wanted to do hair is because of the relationships that you get to build with people that like, if I sat at a desk all day I would miss out on,” Hill said.

  Hill is currently accepting new clients. If interested, book with her at

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