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Becoming an Adequate Plant Mom

I decided to be a plant mommy.

I have had a cactus and aloe plant for a couple of years and I was super happy with them because I kept them alive. But I have gone through my fair share of plants that supposedly were “indestructible.” Such as “devils ivy” which is a pathos, and supposedly are super durable.

I have sadly killed two of those. I now have a third one and I’ve had it for about three weeks now.

I’ve heard people say “they have a green thumb,” all my life. My grandparents, my stepmom, friends, and other family members all have a “green thumb.”

I have talked to each one of them about their tricks and ways. I found that they all go through trial and error with their plants. You aren’t just born with a green thumb, it takes time and knowledge.

I was naive when I was smaller; I always thought it was cool when people had a “green thumb” like it was some mythical power and that they had a way with plants, but now I realize it takes time and work. A lot of work, at least for me in the beginning.

With that being said, I bought some new plants. I took some cuttings from other plants and I am excited to see that they have sprouted little roots and leaves.

I took some cuttings from a succulent. You are supposed to leave them out for a day and then plant them.

It was cool to see that in a day they had sprouted tiny little roots and were ready to be planted. A week later they have grown little leaves!

I’ve become such a nerd about plants. I understand the excitement and hype now. Wow, I sound old and nerdy.

I believe that plants bring so much life and character to a space. I can’t wait to decorate my own home with plants and work on becoming a person known to have a green thumb.


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