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Back In My Day

In the vibrant world of fashion photography, where style and creativity converge, the University of Kentucky boasts a rich legacy of talented alumni who have made their mark. 

In this feature, we spotlight five individuals who, though diverse in their academic pursuits, share a common thread: their alma mater. On the following pages, KRNL delves into the creative looks of these UK alumni who lent their grace and style to a recent fashion photoshoot for the magazine, with outfits styled and hand-picked by the fashion team.

Michael Burleson (Class of ‘74)

Michael Burleson began his educational journey by pursuing pre-pharmacy at Henderson Community College and graduated from the UK College of Pharmacy in 1974. Burleson mentioned some of his accomplishments, such as being the president of the UK Alumni Association and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. After retiring in 2015, Burleson ventured into consulting and started his own business. His family plays a significant role in his life. He shared that his wife is a nurse and both of their children are also involved in the medical field.

Diane Massie (Class of ‘79)

Diane Massie, who graduated from UK in 1979 with a degree in advertising, shared details about her involvement in extracurricular activities and her professional journey. She was a member of the Delta Gamma sorority and worked at the College of Agricultural Cooperative Extension Office as well as edited for a magazine in Louisville. She mentioned that she used this job to pay for her master's degree at the University of Louisville, where she transitioned more into the marketing realm. Massie said her family has a strong connection to Kentucky and has been heavily involved with the UK Alumni Association, including serving as its president in 2010-2011 and her contributions through scholarships.

Cammie Grant (Class of ‘79)

Cammie Grant received her degree in 1979 in speech and language pathology when it was part of the College of Education. She recalled having an overall great college experience; she was involved in the Kappa Delta sorority and activities related to children's after-school programs during her time at the university. Grant shared a somber memory about practicing for a performance during rush week and learning of Elvis Presley’s death during that weekend. She was reminded of this memory because of the Elvis shirt that she was wearing.

Marion Moore Sims (Class of ‘72)

Marion Moore Sims graduated from UK in 1972 and had a somewhat unconventional educational journey as she got married at a young age while her husband served in Vietnam with the Air Force. Sims described her time at UK, highlighting the differences between the 1960s and her later return to the university. She mentioned dancing and socializing as part of her college experience. When describing the transition from high school to college, she said, “The boys were so tall, and the beer was so cold.” Sims said that she was married during her college years, which limited her participation in clubs. She said that she comes from a family with a long history of UK graduates, spanning five generations, and said that her son is the sixth generation, having attended law school at UK.

Paula Pope (Class of ‘73)

Paula Pope graduated in 1973 and 1975 from UK, where she earned a BA in education and an MS with a focus on social studies education. During her time in college, she didn't get involved in many activities because she was married. She said that the university discouraged married students from participating in extracurricular activities. She met her husband, Fred, who was in advertising, and they have been together for 31 years. She worked in fundraising for 35 years, including fundraising for the library. She retired five years ago, and also mentioned her involvement with the Alumni Association, where she served as an alumni president between 2007 and 2008. She later became a trustee and is currently serving in her fourth term. Pope touched on some fun memories from college and attending basketball games, such as the 2012 SEC tournament and the Final Four game between Kentucky and Ohio State.


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