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A Cup of Fashion Inspo

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

"Sometimes I Would Buy Vogue Instead of Dinner. I Felt it Fed Me More."

Ever since I left London to come back to the United States last semester, I’ve seen a dramatic decrease in my eager pursuit of all things fashion. I felt that the streets of London, especially Oxford Street, were filled with everything from trendy pink jackets to the newest Fendi silk scarves and bags.

When I spotted an article of clothing that I loved, it gave me a new sense of excitement. Everything that I saw, touched, and bought seemed purposeful. Maybe it was just the idea of being in the fashion hub of the world, or maybe the consistent surroundings, but everything inspired me. This lead to my photography class being fashion-focused, mood boards on top of mood boards, and of course online shopping carts maxed.

As I have become more in tune with this lack of desire and inspiration, I have sought out other ways that bring me a similar excitement as I once had, without living in a big city. Simply put, it’s hard living in a place like Lexington, or my hometown in Michigan for that matter, where the everyday streets aren’t a catwalk.

I am totally the type of person where my energy can oftentimes be reliant on others and things - this is the first place I focused on the disconnect. If you're experiencing this drought of inspo, or even if you aren’t, here are some things that have been filling this area of my life.

Magazines & Social Media

Instead of using social media to aimlessly scroll through what my old high school peers are doing, I have found a way - for me - that makes it seem more productive and inspires me. Following and engaging with influencers and brands around the world, saving their posts, reading their blogs, etc. has given me insight into the up & coming. I feel in our day, social media has the most influence on trends.

We look to influencers to display the newest color schemes, clothing cuts, and everything in between. Saving these posts into categories (or mini mood boards as I like to call them), has helped me feel far more in-tune with the fashion world.

Another source similar to social media that I have utilized is magazines. Carrie Bradshaw once said, “sometimes I would buy Vogue instead of dinner. I felt it fed me more”. Well, she’s right- per usual.

I’ve turned my magazine reading time into more of a self-care act. It can go one of two ways for me, either I’m reading my mag in a coffee shop and completely indulged in it or I am cutting it up and making mood boards in my notebook.

I love analyzing the colors and fitting it with other trends from the seasons. This has become therapeutic for me and is my favorite way to relax these days. Some of my favorite fashion magazines include Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, and even the KRNL magazine.

Fashion Bloggers

Something I love about KRNL is the content released on our blog daily. The fashion content produced by my peers has inspired me (check out some of Rachel Porter’s blog posts). I love reading what we produce because I know it’s coming from a college-aged student and seems more relatable.

There are also so many fashion bloggers on the internet that are absolutely killing it. I love reading their posts and seeing what their personal style is all about. Some of my favorites are Lauren Elizabeth, We Wore What, and Wide Eyed Legless.

I’ve come to terms that, for now, if I can’t be physically surrounded by fashion and inspo, I can be mentally ( and probably even emotionally) invested with it. Seeking inspiration is, luckily, very easy with such advanced technology.

If you have any favorite bloggers or ways that inspire you in the fashion world, comment on this post or send them my way!


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