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Winter wardrobe staples

Being from Arizona, winter fashion has become a new style that I’ve finally gotten comfortable with. Learning how to layer—and even what to layer—was a long process of trial and error for me, but I think I have finally gotten a grasp on it. While expanding my winter wardrobe over the past year, my main priority has been being comfortable. So whether you’re walking to class, getting drinks downtown or just out doing your daily errands, here are some winter essentials to elevate your winter wardrobe.

Sheer black tights

This has been my favorite and best hack I’ve discovered yet. The cold weather typically forces me to retire my skirts and dresses for the winter, but tights have changed the winter fashion game for me. Throwing them under a little black dress, sweater vest and skirt, oversized sweater and more makes winter fashion a lot more comfortable.


Turtlenecks have become a necessity in my closet, ranging from black and white to pops of color that I can throw under simple sweaters or tops. This staple has helped elevate my winter style while making it easy to stay warm and comfortable.

Winter boots

After experiencing two cold Kentucky winters, this winter season I decided it was time to get a pair of winter boots. I’ve never been a fan of the duck boots that I commonly see worn on campus. I’ve always heard that they’re the best to invest in because of their comfort, but I decided to go towards a more fashionable direction. I invested in a pair of Steve Madden winter boots that were a lot cheaper than the duck boots everyone raves about, and I couldn’t be happier. They’re made from recycled materials, comfortable, stylish, and I didn’t get a single blister when breaking them in.

Contour jacket

The Lululemon Slim Fit Define jacket has always been popular, but I realized a jacket like this is essential when wanting to stay warm. There are so many dupes for this jacket from Nike, North Face or even Amazon if you’re not wanting to spend much. Layering this jacket under my hoodies and crewnecks keeps me warm and keeps me from looking boxy.


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