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Why Sorority Recruitment Is Worth The Stress

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Sorority recruitment. Ask any girl who has experienced it, and they would tell you that while it is often more stressful than fun, it is more than worth it in the end. The opportunity to be a part of a group of like-minded women striving for their own goals and the good of others is something that is special to every sorority woman and has been for decades.

And so, to all the critics of Greek life, I say that my own experience as a sorority woman so far has been nothing but beneficial in my own life and so many others. Here are just a few reasons why going through sorority recruitment is worth it.

Lifelong Friendships

From the girls in your Gamma Chi group to girls waiting in the Starbucks line in the early morning, genuine friendships can come from anywhere. The shared experience of recruitment is like no other, and it can create bonds with girls you might not have met otherwise. The sorority you join becomes so much more than a club or a house that you eat and hang out in. Recruitment gives you a second home and girls that feel like family.

Personal Growth

By going through recruitment, and joining a sorority, you take the first steps in a journey that will continually shape you. As a member of the Greek community, you are presented with so many new opportunities to be involved within your own organization and the wider university community. Your sorority will push you to succeed academically and socially and to become the best version of yourself - the woman you were meant to be.

Impact On Others

Each sorority with philanthropy gives back to a specific cause, hosts events and fundraisers to donate money and supplies and volunteers directly. Being in a sorority helps you become service-oriented, and giving back to those in need is something you carry with you as a sorority woman for the rest of your life.

To any girl reading this who is uncertain about sorority recruitment, I would say that if you don't take a risk and go for it, you may never know what incredible people you may meet, how much you will grow and just how special some Greek letters can become. Sorority recruitment is worth it, not just because of the endless supply of t-shirts and fun events but because of the lifelong friendships, personal growth and the chance to make a difference. Every day another "Here's Why" is revealed to me, and for that, I am forever grateful.


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