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What we can do

If you want to donate: Click the links to learn more about each organization and make a contribution.

Black Visions Collective: Reclaim the Block: MOODI: National Bail Out: Color of Change: The Bail Project: Free Them All: Know Your Rights Camp: If you want to watch:

When They See Us (Netflix):

American Son (Netflix): If you want to reflect: Prompts written by @jezzchung

In what ways does my proximity to whiteness afford me the privileges that aren't extended to Black and Brown people?

In what ways have I been conditioned to believe in the superiority of my whiteness?

In what ways have I engaged in rhetoric that promotes othering or stereotyping of Black people?

What can I do to better educate myself on the historical context of race in the country and community I exist in?

If you want to listen: All available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

If you want to read: Articles: America's Racial Contract is Killing Us (The Atlantic): White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack (Peggy McIntosh):

Register to Vote:


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