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What not to wear this spring

"BTS" KRNL x Vintage Therapy. Photo by Ty Duckwyler | Staff

I know that we are all excited about the much-needed warm weather. So, let’s talk about some things you should leave in your closet this spring! I have a feeling I may ruffle some feathers.

It’s typically okay for you to get “lazy” with your outfits in the spring, since the weather is warm enough to wear something comfortable but cool enough to not have to show a lot of skin. So, if you choose to be cute and comfortable this spring with a matching sweat-set and sneakers, then that's perfectly fine. You should not be expected to dress up every day. Dress in what makes you feel comfortable!

That being said, this is a public service announcement: Leave the Uggs at home. It is no longer Ugg-season ladies and gents, so let's put those polarizing fuzzy boots until next winter. I get it, they’re convenient and pretty much go with everything. However, Uggs are no longer in season, and you don’t want sweaty feet to keep you from feeling and looking like your best self.

Hats are pretty much "in" throughout every season. They are a great accessory to utilize if you're looking to bring your look up to the next level. But is it ok if we leave the beanies in the past, just for a little while? Listen, instead take advantage of visors, baseball caps and even bucket hats. They are comfortable, accessible and in season, and they could really enhance your spring wardrobe.

Okay, this next one might be a little controversial, and I apologize in advance. But let's not overdo floral this season. It's not the 1980s anymore, so no need to follow in the footsteps of your mom and grandma. Instead, take advantage of spring colors. A little pop of color in the spring is all you need to stay in style. They're trendy and not too hard on the eyes.

I’m a big believer in taking your personality and interests and incorporating them into your style. These are just tips and tricks I suggest if you're looking for a different path to take or lost trying to find what to wear this season. But if not, continue to rock your best fits!


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