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Valentine’s Day Outfits For Your Date Night

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and whether you’re celebrating with a significant other or your best friends you’ll need some outfit inspiration! Everyone celebrates this holiday differently, so I have put together three outfits for your kind of date night.

When heading to a nice dinner, I find it’s a staple to wear a flirty dress and your favorite heels. Obviously, I had to follow the colors of Valentine’s Day, so I decided on a red print dress. It can be both dressed up or down if you don’t want to be over the top, but why not? It’s Valentine’s Day! You can never be too dressed up! Pair your dress with a simple black heel and earrings, and you are set for a romantic night.

A fancy dinner date with your significant other is super romantic and special, but if you’re going out with your gals then a more casual style will fit the night! I thought that the perfect outfit for “Galentine’s” Day was a simple pink sweater with my favorite jeans. Then, I matched it with a funky pair of booties to tie it all together. Don’t forget to snap a few pictures with your gals to remember V-Day ’19!

Going out isn’t everyone’s style on this holiday. If you’re staying in and cuddling with your significant other or watching cheesy chick-flicks with your roommates then this comfy ensemble is the one for you. Pair your go-to leggings and a soft, oversized, pink sweater for the sweetest outfit ever. Then, its time to make some popcorn and chill on the couch for a movie marathon: only Romantic-Comedies, of course.

Valentine’s Day dates are always overwhelming because you want it to be perfect. Not everything can be perfect though, so at least make sure your outfit is! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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