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To My Freshman Year of College

You gave me courage. You gave me love. You gave me everything I needed.

You didn’t just give me a dorm, you gave me a home.

You gave me a place to come back to with a group of amazing people that turned into family. It was full of laughs, embarrassing stories, and always lots of fun. There’s no replacement to the hallway hangouts (and naps of course), cheesy bread orders, and the many movie nights we had together.

These are the moments I will never forget and wouldn’t trade them for anything. You became my home and I’m so very thankful for that. I love my family there.

You didn’t give me a sorority, you gave me friends that I’ll keep for a lifetime.

This may sound cheesy, but it’s so true. I found people who made my days brighter. This year was full of many Caturdays spent together, coffee shop dates, and a spontaneous Thomas Rhett concert trip. I got the chance to meet many people who turned into role models and have friends who inspire me.

These girls are determined, inspiring, and courageous who help me strive to become more like them every day.

You didn’t give me a major, you gave me a dream.

My major has given me friends, many role models, and a lot of hard work paid off. The days in the studio were filled with music, laughs, and people who inspire me beyond belief. I’m thankful for the all-nighters spent together, the endless supply of coffee, and of course the incredible final reviews. I’m thankful for the creativity and support in my major and dream.

You gave me adventures.

This allowed me to take a breath from my schoolwork and just relax. The drives to find the best coffee shops, a Gorge Trip, three amazing concerts, and CSF Fall Retreat made this year incredible.

The amazing people I have met or became closer to because of these small pieces of adventure are immense. Never take these moments of joy for granted.

Throughout my freshman year, I also had an amazing support system behind the scenes. The endless support and love from my friends and family from home has made my whole year so much better. I am forever thankful for these people who show me nothing but love and give me genuine advice.

Even though the hallway hangouts turned into family facetime, studio shenanigans went on pause, and Caturdays became plans for the fall, I couldn’t be more grateful for all the people I met this year. I found a home away from home.

To all incoming or current college students, take in every moment. Your time in college has the power to change your life if you let it.

In this time of quarantine, focus on the good, and show others how much they have impacted you.


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