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Three. Two. One. Album Review

20-year-old Canadian singer Lennon Stella released her long-awaited, first album Three. Two. One. (short for Three questions, Two people, One song) on April 24th.

If you know me, you know I bumped Lennon's EP, Love, Me, during my study abroad days last spring and all summer long. Something about her voice and messages is incredibly relatable, making it so easy to sit and listen to.

I could go on about how I secretly wish to be Lennon Stella and how dope she is as a human, but we will save that for another time.

Lennon released a single entitled 'Kissing Other People' in November 2019. Quite the teaser for the album if I do say so myself! This one is all about knowing when you've moved on from that major heartbreak. Such an anthem.

"Jealous" was the next song to be released in March of this year. Now, this is what got me extremely hype for the album. If you know Lennon's EP, this should give you similar vibes to her song "Bad" for the sheer fact that it's kind of a direct hit towards a certain someone. "Jealous" is kind of a follow-up to getting over someone - when they start thinking you're intentionally making them jealous. Maybe they should start "Kissing Other People" (pun intended).

The third song to be released prior to the album was "Fear of Being Alone," released right in the prime time of quarantine and social distancing. "Fear of Being Alone" is one of those you just won't. stop. playing.

Moving right along, I just have to say, this album hasn't even been out a week yet, and I have almost every song memorized word-for-word... anyway!

"Much Too Much" is the perfect intro to an album such as Three. Two. One. It starts slow and quiet and then the beats just make you feel some type of way. The lyrics and Lennon's voice are incredible. Kudos to whoever decided to start off the album with this jam!

Another classic, "Games," has the iconic Lennon background vocals and raspy hooks. And when she says "game over" UGH! So amazing. 10/10.

"Pretty Boy" is very soothing and sounds like it should be played in a movie scene of someone driving down a beautiful beach coast. This one hits different if you've ever known a guy with a pretty face, but not much else.

"Golf on TV" is one of my absolute favorites of the entire album. The lyrics are so well-written and fit the melody perfectly. I'll leave it at that.

"Older Than I Am" and "Weakness" are the most personal and heartfelt records on the album. "Older Than I Am" is about growing up quickly, doing your "own fighting," and being your own confidant - and how all of those things hold you back from making mistakes as a typical 20-year-old because you're held to a higher standard. In "Weakness," you hear how Lennon's relationship with her younger sister, Maisy, is clearly very important to her and has had a major impact on her life. I can definitely relate to being the oldest sibling and hurting when my siblings are hurting. Both of these anthems spoke to me, for sure.

"Bend Over Backwards" moves us closer to the techno-side of pop with the robotic chorus. Lennon says she's willing to put the work into a relationship but won't bend over backward giving someone more than they're giving.

Lennon Stella being a Leo (and a badass) really comes out in "Since I Was a Kid" when she sings about taking hits, throwing punches, but still looking at the world "through rose-colored glasses" after all she's been through.

There's nothing bad I can say about "Save Us" either, it's beautiful. Lennon's amazing vocals show through once again. The song samples "I Love You Always Forever" by Donna Lewis, which Lennon puts her own spin on.

Finally, "Goodnight" wraps up the album and it is another favorite of mine. I could go on about her vocals, but Lennon does something different in this song that is amazing. The end of the song goes into a beat that reminds me of The 1975 so much.

As you can see, this album overall is stunning. Lennon Stella takes her songs in several different directions with ballads, pop-anthems, and love songs. Describing the songs don't do them enough justice, so do me a favor and go download Three. Two. One. by Lennon Stella.


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