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The Ultimate Self Care Routine

This past year, I have learned the importance of pouring love into myself before trying to pour love into others. Imagine yourself as a pitcher filled with water and as life fluctuates and we give our time and energy into school, work, or anything else, we pour some of that water into those things. The most important thing to remember is that our pitchers can always be refilled when we pour back into ourselves by doing what we love and what brings us true happiness. But, if we aren’t taking time to pour back into ourselves, we can become empty and that is when we often feel stressed, depressed, empty, lonely, and anxious. This is where self-care plays a huge role in revitalizing and replenishing our pitchers.

After researching and trying out many forms of self-care, I tailored a routine for myself to implement weekly and daily so that I can put my best foot forward in the world. I also usually dedicate my Sundays to a full day of self-care, calling it, “Self-care Sunday." For my self-care Sunday, I prioritize my skin and my mental health.

For my skin, I use my regular skincare routine of cleansing my face for 60 seconds, which should be done at least once a day. Next, I use my Alba Botanica Even advanced sea algae enzyme scrub and scrub my face gently for about a minute. I love this scrub because it is very gentle yet effective while also being the perfect size for bringing on trips or vacations. Then I go turn on my electric kettle, bring it to a boil and use the steam that comes out to steam my face for a minute as well. Steaming helps open your pores and moisturize your skin. Making a nice hot herbal tea with agave is also one of my favorite treats during these days.

Lastly for skin, I use apple cider vinegar (with the mother) and bentonite clay to make a very effective mask. The mask helps fight acne, clean pores by drawing out toxins and tightens skin. To prepare the mask, I use a Pyrex bowl and a face makeup brush for mixing and putting on my face. I usually don’t measure the two ingredients but add them together until I have a nice creamy mask. It is very crucial to never mix this mask with a metal spoon or plastic as it takes away the benefits. I let the mask sit until its nearly dry so approximately 10 minutes. You could substitute apple cider vinegar with water for sensitive skin. After the mask is all off I continue with my routine with my serums and moisturizer and my skin feeling brand new.

Also on self-care Sunday, I love to light a candle and specifically one from the brand referred to as “Diamond Candles." The great thing I found out about the brand after being gifted one for Christmas is that each candle contains a ring inside that appears to have a diamond. In some cases, the rings can be worth some serious cash. The ring is wrapped in silver foil and placed in a plastic bag and comes with a note saying what the ring is worth. My ring was real sterling silver and worth 30 dollars. I love candles because they always bring warmth and a beautiful fragrance to rooms.

Next, after any shower day and especially Sundays, I cover my body in organic shea butter from Good Food Co-op. The shea butter comes in chunks and must be melted from body heat or from heating in a microwave. My skin loves shea butter and I feel incredibly soft and reborn after use. Our bodies love being taken care of and especially in harsh weather like winter.

Lastly, I have found that meditation and journaling have helped me really relieve stress for many reasons. I love to journal my emotions so that I have a healthy outlet for them instead of suppressing them or projecting them onto other people. Meditation also helps me clear my thoughts whenever I am overwhelmed. Remember that this routine works for me and may not work for you, but you can tailor a self-care routine


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