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The Right Way To Do Fort Lauderdale

To be honest, I was a little nervous before heading down to Fort Lauderdale for Spring Break. I had heard stories, read reviews, talked to others, and more to get the inside scoop. A lot of it was positive, but there were some negative experiences thrown in there. School is already stressful; therefore, I did not want my spring break to be either. I like to have a little mix of it all, the fun and time to soak up and relax in the sun. Hotels like Ocean Manor or Ocean Mile are very convenient and a great time with your friends, but it can be a tad overwhelming and can feel like there is no escape out of the college madness. To get the perfect combination of party, relaxation, and beach, I recommend booking your hotel, Airbnb, or condo in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. It is the perfect seaside village with everything you need. There are shops, restaurants, ice cream parlors, and more. It also has more of a family atmosphere which helps make you feel a little bit more at home.

To start off the morning right, take a stop by Dr. Juice. They have delicious and fresh acai bowls, smoothies, etc. to devour on a sunny day. All the fruits and veggies are chopped right in front of your face which is a plus. Since Lauderdale-By-The-Sea is quaint, everything is walking distance from each other which is great if you do not want to spend even more money on gas.

If you need a quick break in between the day, head over to the “downtown” to take a peak in some of the stores. One of my friends and I’s favorite was the store Diamonds and Doggies. They sell puppies that come with your own set of diamonds. There was no pressure to buy one, it was just fun to pretend and act like we were. Everyone needs some puppy therapy on a trip like this.

For lunch, you may do as you wish. There is a Walgreens to pick up some cheap snacks, which of course and most importantly is walking distance from everything. My favorite beach lunch is peanut butter and jelly or some hot fries.

When dinner time comes around, there are so many options on the strip of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. There are places to eat tacos, sushi, pizza, you name it. One of my favorites was Ocean 101, where I ate delicious crab spinach and artichoke dip with a juicy burger topped with brie cheese. Due to my huge sweet tooth, I have to have dessert after almost any meal. Sloan’s ice cream parlor was our go-to dessert spot. The flavors were not only unique but flavorful and it had such a cute, girly atmosphere.

You do not have to choose to stay in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, but if you do you will not regret it. College spring break is supposed to be some of your most fun memories while in school. These moments should not be remembered as stressful or full of fines because of noise complaints, you name it. No matter where you choose to go, just remember that time with your friends is most important (but staying somewhere nice and comfortable is a plus).


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