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The Queen is ditching fur...should we too?

Updated: May 26, 2020

As of this November, Queen Elizabeth II has reportedly ditched real fur and is substituting it out for faux, according to her senior dresser, Angela Kelly. Let’s face it, real fur is so 1900-and late and should be well out of the picture. With ways to create lavish faux fur, why wear real?

PETA has been urging the queen since 2013 to get with the times and get rid of the fur, and finally, she has. The Queen isn’t the only one pushing real furs out of the picture; Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s are making their statement as well. Both department stores will no longer sell fur as of February 2021. This initiative was started by luxury brands like Chanel, Versace, Armani, and Gucci slowly phasing out furs in their product lines. On top of this, California has been the first state to ban selling animal fur products beginning in 2023, and New York won’t be too far behind them.

The increase in the awareness of the inhumane and unethical factors and production of animal fur products has brought major breakthroughs in the fashion industry over the past decade. Since not many college students I know own real fur coats, I’d like to draw attention to the brand Canada Goose, which seemingly is popular among the college-age range. As the season changes and people bring out or buy new jackets, I always see videos of the truth behind Canada Goose circulating on Facebook. To spare you from the grueling clips, here are some facts about what Canada Goose is really doing to produce their pricey outerwear:

  1. Catching wild coyotes in painful steel traps

  2. Coyotes are killed by either infection, blood loss, or being shot and then skinned

  3. Along with coyotes, Geese used for their down are sent to the slaughterhouse

So long story short- companies that are partaking in using animals for their fur and or feathers are violently killed and to sum it up: it’s inhumane. Bringing more awareness to this topic and how awful it truly is for these animals is the only way to increase the laws against it and in the long run the end to this era. Now, it's easier ( & cheaper) to obtain faux fur. Take note from the Queen ladies and gents, fur is so out-of-season and it’s staying out of season forever!


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