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The Best Local Shops in Lexington

Being born and raised in Lexington, I have grown up going to local shops with my family and friends. I love to support local business owners and I feel as if Lexington has some of the best places to go. The people who own the stores are passionate about what they do. You can feel the love they put into the shops when you walk in.

Over the past year, I have tried to limit the amount of fast fashion I support and switch to shopping second hand or small businesses. These are some of my favorite vintage and specialty stores in Lexington.

Street Scene Vintage

Street Scene Vintage is more than just a vintage clothing store; they offer many other products such as toys, home décor, furniture, and jewelry. There is something for everybody even if you aren’t into vintage shopping.

I became familiar with the store only a couple of years ago. Since then, it has become my favorite place to shop. Every item in the store is hand-picked by the owners and employees and it makes the experience feel a bit more special. The employees always make you feel welcome in the store and will help you discover things you didn’t even know you needed. Each area of the store is decorated differently and curated with love. It’s the perfect place for an Instagram story.

Street Scene is the perfect place in Lexington for vintage clothes, accessories, home items, or even gifts for your loved ones.

Pop’s Resale

Pop’s Resale is a store I have been visiting with my dad since I was little. They have a large selection of vintage clothes and accessories along with a great new-and-used music collection. Pop’s has a large variety of second-hand records, tapes, or CDs. Whenever I’m searching for a specific album on vinyl, I always seem to find it at Pop’s.

This shop is for the true vintage lovers. You can feel the history inside the store and in all of the clothes they have there. Even if you aren’t going on a big shopping spree, Pop’s is a good place to go just to look around. There’s always something new to see and I promise you’ll end up leaving with at least one thing.

SQecial Media

SQecial Media is another store I have been going to since I was little. This is one of the most known and most loved local stores in Lexington. They offer a different selection than Street Scene and Pops. SQecial mainly has gift items, home décor, stationery, incense and candles, and books.

SQecial is a great place to go if you’re looking for a gift for someone when you have no idea what to get. You can always find something for everybody there.

All stores are currently open, but SQecial Media is allowing customers by appointment only. Call the store for more details.


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