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Sweatin' With Style

Updated: May 26, 2020

With summer approaching, comes motivation to get that summer bod we at least try to strive for. Obtaining this motivation can be a struggle especially after a long semester of school and summer jobs upon the horizon. However, I find more encouragement to workout through fashionable fitness clothes. Yes, this sounds kind of stupid, but if I know I have a cute outfit waiting for me to wear at the gym or a class, I am 10x more motivated to go.

Athleisure can be intimidating because we constantly see Lululemon or Alo Yoga which is worth it, but still expensive for college students. It can be hard to find cheaper options, but it is very feasible. When looking for affordable workout pieces, I turn towards Poshmark, Forever 21, Nordstrom Rack, and places like consignment stores. For example, most of my Lululemon is used. Majority of the time, it has been well-worn and taken care of, and you can find older and cooler designs as well, all for a cheaper price. As I said, you can find designer athleisure on Poshmark where you can also bid which is pretty fun and consignment stores, even Goodwill if you are willing to dig.

Forever 21 is actually the spot to find awesome workout clothes. It is the place to go for crop tops, jackets, and what I currently love cycling shorts. The ones featured in the picture were only $3 and are super comfortable. These are also a double win because you can wear them to workout, but also to class or a fun, casual day out.

Nordstrom Rack also carries great fitness pieces for reasonable prices. If you search through the sale items, you are bound to find something. I love a go-to polyester or spandex material crop top that sucks me in tight and catches all the sweat. Clothes like this are great because if you are running from the gym to a relaxed lunch or the mall, you slightly look more put together compared to a big t-shirt and running shorts from the 8th grade. The crop top featured in the picture is apart of Beyoncés fashion line Ivy Park and was only $13 on sale!

Going to the gym is one thing, but feeling confident while working out is another. Knowing that the stylish gym outfit is calling your name, is the perfect “excuse” and way to get you all out that door to workout this summer. We are going to crush this summer!


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