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Something is missing from the red carpet

Media from Wix.

With award season back in full swing, celebrities' iconic red carpet looks are being discussed on social media platforms once again, but something is clearly missing.

A noticeable trend that was even apparent in last year's award season is the disappearance of the necklace. Celebrities grace the carpet with luxury brands such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Chanel and Dior, among many others, but the ornamental accessory worn around the neck remains absent.

It is not the fault of the luxury brands but the fault of the fashion stylists and designers who fit the celebrities for these award ceremony red carpets. Even accessories such as bracelets, rings and handbags seem to be disappearing from these fashion looks as of late.

The biggest argument made for the missing garnish is that natural accessories such as collarbones are enough on their own. Yet, this may be damaging to young women who look up to and follow closely the trends that female celebrities set. The runway and fashion industry have always taken a toll on the mental health of young women, but when adding another goal to the list of standards they feel they must live up to, it continues the tragic cycle.

Some dress forms, such as high necklines or designs that have immense detail, would be better without a necklace because it would take away from the statement piece. Yet, this just isn't the case with most recent red carpet looks.

Some celebrities have fought off the death of the necklace, for example, Jenna Ortega for 2023's Golden Globe Awards, dawning Tiffany & Co layered necklaces. While other celebrities for the Golden Globes, such as Selena Gomez and Daisy Edgar-Jones, continue to go without.

When adding jewelry to a styled ensemble, the most important effect is that it pulls the entire look together. Sometimes a necklace is not needed and can be compensated in many different ways. Nonetheless, the lack of necklaces in this new trend of award show looks is an interesting one.


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