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POPS Resale

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

File photos by Michael Clubb.

Out with the old, and in with the… older?

Meet Dan Shorr and his vintage emporium, POPS Resale, and he’ll prove that old-school is still the style. Opened in 1996 by Shorr and his wife, POPS sells various vintage clothing items, records, video games and decorative accents. Located on Leestown Road, this resale store has been serving the Lexington community for more than 20 years.

The shop’s story seems to come full circle.

“I grew up in a music-heavy environment,” Dan said, “and I worked in electronic manufacturing and sales before 1996.”

When an opportunity came for Shorr and his wife to pave a new path in their lives, POPS was born. Wanting to offer Previously Owned Products, which is what POPS actually stands for, the shop’s collection of vintage items has grown substantially since they’ve been in operation. In the beginning, only half of the building was in use, but now there are treasures waiting to be found in every part of the shop.

Introducing records to its inventory is what sparked the growth POPS still experiences today. Each record may not take up a lot of space, but with the size of the collection at the shop, customers can spend hours exploring and enjoying each record they thumb through. Listening stations are available to use before customers take home a record to make sure customers leave with what they love.

As for clothing, another top-selling item, POPS buys from community members, then sells at a fair and reasonable price: $6 and up.

Throughout the year, there will be sales and discount opportunities within the record department. Record Store Day and Black Friday are two major days for record sales; however, mini sales throughout the year helps circulate the vast collection.

“There are about 80,000 records on the shop floor, and another 200,000 in back stock,” Dan said, which makes the place feel hip.

As if the shop wasn’t atmospheric enough, POPS has a shop dog, named Junior, always ready to say welcome.

Supporting local businesses is important in any community, and POPS Resale should be on your radar, for sure. If you’ve been looking for a store with an array of vintage items at fair prices, then stop the search and go to POPS.


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