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My 2023 fashion predictions

Photo by Lily Foster | KRNL Lifestyle + Fashion Staff.

Fashion trends, styles and their popularity change drastically throughout the year. Last year, we saw a big 90s fashion comeback with items such as claw clips, boots, low-waisted pants, hair tinsel and much more. I have some predictions of my own for this year.

For starters, Pantone released their color of the year for 2023 as Viva Magenta. I expect to see Viva Magenta incorporated into clothing throughout 2023, but mainly later in the year. This color reminds me of a fall/winter color, but we may also see it before those seasons.

We all know and love athleisure, but with the COVID-19 pandemic slowly decreasing, I expect less athleisure wear to be worn. We have been in this crazed, pandemic state for so long, I think 2023 is the year people will be dressing up more as they leave the house. Whether they are dressing up for work, dates, parties or just a casual outing, I think people will be wearing more fun and creative outfits.

Every day, for the past few years, I saw people in sweatpants, sweatshirts, leggings and other comfortable clothing anywhere they could wear. This year, I want to see more jeans, blazers, dresses and creative outfits when I am out and about. I admit—I am guilty of wearing athleisure during the past few years of being at home so much, but not anymore.

Despite having new predictions for 2023, I also predict some trends from 2022 will continue this year. I think low-rise pants will continue to be popular in 2023 because of how many celebrities and influencers we are seeing wear them. Also, I predict miniskirts will continue their popularity into this year's spring and summer styles.

Finally, I predict that sustainable clothing will continue to be a trend we notice, having gained traction these past few years. So many people have realized how bad fast fashion is for our environment and have tried to switch to an environmentally friendly alternative. Buying second-hand clothing, repurposing clothing and focusing on sustainable brands are things I think will be continuing in 2023.


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