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LoveShackFancy Collaboration With Target

Ladies and anyone who is a lover of the retail store Target, let us mark our calendars for the month of June in order to enjoy these three new collaborations that will soon be coming to Target. In case you were not familiar or were not informed, as of May 18 of this year, Target released promotional photos and videos for three new collaborators coming this summer on Target Style. Target Style wrote this caption under all the released photos as such:

“For more than a year, we’ve been working closely with three incredible designers to create the limited-edition Designer Dress Collection.”

Now, the three collaborators Target has been working with closely this past year are Lisa Marrie Fernandez, Cushnie and, my personal favorite, LoveShackFancy.

Luckily, each collaborator brings unique styles to the table and offers a variety for everyone (this is amazing considering I only knew one of the three designers target decided to collaborate with). When it comes to Lisa Marrie Fernandez, according to her Instagram, this brand has a lot of swimwear options and cover-ups. However, on Target’s website, Lisa Marrie Fernandez's designs are described as “bohemian-chic style” as “each piece is effortlessly glamorous and endlessly versatile.” Her collection with Target has 23 pieces, each dress ranging in price from $40-$60. In addition to that, Lisa Marrie Fernandez dress colors and designs come in black and white, the design print of gingham, pastel pink and yellow. There are maxi dresses and dresses that cut off at the knee as well. If you are into lighter tones these dresses are definitely for you.

Now as for CUSHNIE, when looking at the Instagram of this brand, the first thing I noticed was how the biography of the account states “Luxury women’s ready-to-wear designed in New York City.” When looking at the account, you can see how it is deemed to be a luxury brand, just due to how minimal yet bold the pieces come across. However, on Target’s website, it says:

“Carly Cushnie brings her artfully crafted designs and refined sense of minimalism. A red carpet favorite among many iconic women in Hollywood, the CUSHNIE aesthetic celebrates and empowers today’s modern woman with timeless silhouettes that achieve the perfect fit for the female form.”

The CUSHNIE collection has many neon and bright colors when it comes to their dresses. I have to agree with Target, these dresses do have a minimalist feel as far as the designs go while also having a Hollywood feel. I am super excited to see these dresses in the stores. The price range for these dresses is $40-$65.

Lastly, my personal favorite designer. This collection is one I am definitely the most excited about and can not wait for it to be available online and in stores. It is LoveShackFancy. The "fancy baby" is slowly coming out of me when it comes to this collection. I simply want everything! Now, on the Target website, this LoveShackFancy collection is described as:

“Inspired by vintage finds and the enchanting world of its founder Rebecca Hessel Cohen, LoveShackFancy brings elegant and ethereal femininity to Target for this limited-edition dress collection. With soft florals and intricate lace, these romantic dresses whisper of dream escapes and special moments.”

According to influencers and Rebecca Hessel Cohen herself, this collection is expected to sell out very quickly! So, go ahead and look at what this collection and the others have to offer. For example, my personal favorite is the Jeanne Tie-Strap. The different colors and how it comes in a maxi dress and short dress option is adorable. The Cecile Puff Sleeve and Estelle Puff Sleeves in Blue are definitely going to make me feel like a fairy princess and I’m here for it! And just like the other dresses the price range is from $45-$65.

Now, if you ask yourself, how and when can I get these dresses before everyone else does and time runs out? Well, I have the answer for you! All three of these collaborations are arriving online on June 6 at 3 a.m. CDT (YES! You might want to have that alarm set if you’re serious!) and arriving in SELECT Target stores on June 15. The reason there are two different launch dates is because Target wants to reduce the number of people going into stores to help stop the spread of COVID-19. That said, I know what I am going to be doing on June 6 at 3 a.m., what about you?


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