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LLESSUR NYC: Breaking gender norms within fashion artistically and ethically

Photo courtesy of LLESSUR NYC via Instagram.

Russell A. Peguero, former Fashion Institute of Technology student, is bringing a new direction to streetwear in New York City. After falling in love with nightlife in the city that never sleeps, Peguero decided to dedicate his talent to not only artistically innovate the clothes of individuals walking in Times Square, but to do so in a way that defied gender norms and supported the health of the environment. LLESSUR NYC is a fashion apparel and accessories brand that drives to celebrate gender fluidity and environmental sustainability.

Volume I, “The Scene,” was the first collection released by LLESSUR NYC. With a focus on the constant movement in New York, Peguero designed a line that would make it easy for creatives to go from day to night in the city. Pieces within this collection are named after popular hotels in NYC with a busy nightlife, allowing their wearer to feel successful and powerful when they put on their Skyline Gown or Moxy Harness. Blacks, whites, reds and pinks make up the colors of “The Scene,” meaning no matter what time of day or type of event the individual has a piece to make them stand out and look the part. No wonder the collection’s tagline states, “From day into night, or just night. Never basic, and always just a little flashy.”

Photo courtesy of LLESSUR NYC via Instagram.

However, ever since Nov. 21, 2021, LLESSUR’s customers have been exposed to the new direction of the brand: Volume II, “Elemental.” With allusions to the colors and textures of the four elements—air, water, earth and fire—Volume II will certainly be a contrast to the concrete jungle associated with Volume I. Pieces already hinted within the collection contain oranges, blues, and the classic blacks and whites within the flowy, breathable fabrics. LLESSUR aims to show the versatility of its creative director and his goal to keep the brand’s fluidity aligned with its core values.

The world of fashion has been dominated by strict guidelines for far too long. No longer can we expect apparel to satisfy the need for empowerment without assigning gender norms or harming the environment. However, with creative minds such as Russell Peguero behind brands such as LLESSUR NYC, the industry will move closer to creating looks for all genders and places while simultaneously supporting the environment.


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