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I watched 'Bridget Jones‘s Diary,' and now this is what I’m looking for in my Mr. Darcey

I have to confess, I am a girl, or shall I say, woman, who loves the idea of love and everything that comes with it. I am someone who looks forward to Valentine's Day even though I've never had a boyfriend or someone to love other than my parents and friends on that day. However, late one night I was watching all the romance movies that get me in my feelings and make me start wishing that I had a boyfriend to share the movie magic of what love typically looks like with, and then it hit me. What are the qualities of a man that I am looking for right now?

I have to add, I am not currently looking thanks to the pandemic and myself being a university student, but with those two facts aside, it is hard out here. But, moving forward, if the fictional love goddesses of Carrie Bradshaw, Laney Boggs and now Bridget Jones have taught me anything, it's that if a man has the three following qualities about himself, he is the one for me. Or, at least I think so.

"I like you just the way you are," Mark Darcey said in "Bridget Jone's Diary." This scene alone stands out in the film because not only is Mark Darcey essentially confessing his feelings to Bridget Jones but also telling her to keep being herself no matter the judgment of other people. Which, if you have ever seen the film you know first hand that Bridget Jones is always overlooked, put down and even made fun of because she is always unapologetically herself, even when she is not trying to be. Plus, this line from the movie can be applied in multiple places within life not just in a person's own love life. How do we expect to fall in love with someone or at the very least open up to someone when we are afraid of being judged? A guy has to like me for only me, with no changes, unless it's an outfit. Being a true version of yourself is the best self you can be and the best way to live a life.

Do you ever just smile to yourself when you hear a line from a movie or book that warms your little heart? No? Just me? Well then. This one surely made me smile in bed that night when watching.

Another line from the movie that made it on the list of qualities I am looking for in a man is, "I didn't mean it. Well. I meant it, but I was so stupid that I didn't mean what I meant." In nearing the end of the film, Mr. Mark Darcey and Bridget Jones realize their feelings for one another, and right when you think they are in the clear, Mark Darcey reads Bridget Jones' own personal diary and walks out of her apartment after reading the harsh and realistic things she had said about him. This brings me to my next point that you have to be able to handle my feelings, even though they may be harsh and mean at times. I have to accredit this notion to the men in my family, especially my own father, for handling my own emotions at times over his own.

Emotions get the better of me at times, and someone has to be okay with how I am feeling at certain moments throughout my life. I am a woman who likes expressing herself and her own feelings, and sometimes I have a tendency to overshare. But hey, at least I am honest about who I am and how I am feeling as a person. It is nice to know that Mark Darcey is not so easily scared away from Bridget Jones' own emotions as well. Instead of what the audience is lead to believe which is him walking away, he's actually buying Bridget Jones another diary with hopes that she keeps writing and continues to inform Mark Darcey of her own emotions from time to time. How romantic right? A man that is willing to listen and likes you for who you are. What a pot of gold that Mr. Mark Darcy is.

My last quality is simple. You have to like your own mother, of course. Throughout the film, Mark Darcey and his mother's relationship is made fun a bit, but it makes for good comedic relief. Plus, a family man is a good man right?

These are the three qualities that I am looking for in my future Mark Darcey. Do you think he has some big shoes to fill or not? Let me know and direct message me through Instagram at @xoamberharris.


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