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How yoga stretches your body and mind

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You may have heard that yoga is a good way to release and relax. And I can say that this is true.

While some may think that doing the Tree pose only helps to balance your body, it also helps to balance the thoughts in your mind. In your beginner yoga classes, instructors will tell you to close your eyes and think about something relaxing. When I was instructed to do so, the only thought that went into my head was how is this supposed to help me keep my leg up in this uncomfortable position? But, as always, you learn to trust professionals.

Yoga is meant to increase your energy, both mentally and physically. And as first-timers, a lot of individuals aren't comfortable releasing stress in front of others who are obviously more experienced. It doesn't always help that the poses look uncomfortable and embarrassing to do, which is ironic when you consider they're supposed to relieve stress.

Starting out, yoga seemed like the most stressful part of my day. However, as you watch others slowly bend their body from one side to the other, you get the hang of it. As awkward as some of the poses may be, you'll start to feel more comfortable with yourself.

After nearly dozing off while doing the Bridge pose, you'll slowly realize how relaxing that focused, intense thought can be and how relieving it is to allow your body to get stuck in position.

Those weirdly-named poses that you didn't think you were capable of doing enhance your figure and mind every time you complete them, and although you may leave the class a little sorer than when you entered, you’ll be rushing back to release any stress you may have.


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