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How To Finish This Semester On A High Note

Dear University of Kentucky Class of 2022, we've finally made it. It is now our last semester of freshman year! I am proud and I hope you are, too. For many of us, this semester was filled with daring new risks, new friends, daunting new tasks, and new levels of comfort zones we never believed to exist. As for myself, I have most certainly grown up. I am a 19-year-old freshman living in an apartment, so I got a major jump start on the #adulting lifestyle. I have had an unforgettable freshman year thus far, and I hope you have too. But please, don't stop now.

Springtime has a specific and intricate way of inspiring my soul and lifting my spirits out of the dreaded wintertime blues. Although summer is my favorite season, spring is the one right before that... so you could say I'm feeling inspired. I plan on basking in this uplifting and powerful springtime vibes into my everyday life; including work, self-care, and how I chose to spend my time and whom I'm going to spend it with. As a reader, I hope you find inspiration in my words.

Spending the last semester by working hard and giving exams your absolute best is the ONLY way to finish off the semester on a high note. In my opinion, nothing else matters unless you feel good with your own personal mindset, and are fully aware that you gave yourself the gift of giving everything thrown at you one-hundred percent effort. Nothing less than this will be accepted, so keep this in mind when finals week rolls around on the calendar.

Tip: If you haven't already, begin your ending with a brand new planner!

I know that I would absolutely not be able to function on a day to day basis without lots of water, self-tanner, and an outfit that makes me feel confident. All of this falls under the umbrella of self-care. Without things that boost your confidence or make you feel whole and healthy, you will not be able to tackle the important business of your day. It is simply impossible to give your best effort on a task without putting forth your best effort to take care of yourself first.

Last but not least is something all of us wish we had more of...time. Choosing to spend your time wisely with wholesome people is certainly the most important thing for your soul to flourish. Time spent with good friends and family is an important factor to bettering yourself into the best person you can be.

Tying in all of these tips back to bettering yourself and taking care of yourself is the most important factor in this article. These three tips are absolutely crucial to ending this last semester on the highest note possible!

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