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How to Combat Senioritis

Updated: May 26, 2020

It’s officially graduation season and the real feeling of being a senior!

Oops, I mean senioritis. Don’t know what senioritis is? Senioritis is an affliction of students in their final year of college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.

Basically, you would rather not do homework and binge watch Netflix all day. I can attest to this considering I’m a senior myself. Yet, that’s not how it works. Instead, when you’re a senior you’re trying to live it up for your last year of college while taking classes, preparing for grad school or job interviews, picking out graduation invites and answering your parent’s questions on every single detail when it comes to graduation. All of this is totally fine but it’s kind of hard when you’re trying to beat the lack of motivation to do anything. Below, I have a few tips to beat this.

Set Reminders

Always set reminders for yourself. This means homework, going to the gym or even filling out your job applications. Without a reminder or an alarm holding yourself accountable, you’ll never do the task. I don’t even suggest writing your reminder down on your agenda or a sticky not because you’ll just disregard it and put it off. Make sure to have a reminder with a sign/alarm. Something that will make you do your thing!

Reward Yourself

Just like Donna from Parks and Rec, “Treat Yo Self.” Rewarding yourself is the fastest way you can get your goal done or at least get some motivation to do so. For example, every 10 pages you read, treat yourself to ice cream or maybe a cheat day after the gym. Rewarding yourself is not bad at all if you get your things done.

Change Things Up - Don’t Stick With the Same Schedule

See, I’ve noticed that I love schedules or have a routine. Sometimes, I need to break that routine so I can do exactly what I need to do. Instead of going out to eat with my friends, I need to go back to my apartment and read up on some homework. Of course, make time for yourself in your last year of school but also stay on top of yourself so you don’t slip up. Switch up your schedule and actions!

Start Thinking About the Consequences

Just like your parents say. Think about the consequences. If you don’t study, you’ll probably fail on the test. If you go out the night before your class on Fridays, you’re probably not going to attend. Think about your actions. Will they have a long term effect or a short term effect?

Think of all of these suggestions the next time you feel that senioritis coming on.


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