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How Studying Abroad Has Inspired Me So Far

I don’t think I understood what it meant to feel inspired until coming to London for my study abroad experience. From small boutiques to large department stores, everything has validated my decision to be in the fashion industry. It’s just something I truly am passionate about as a Merchandising, Apparel, and Textiles major. Since deciding on majoring in merchandising, however, I haven’t had a clear idea of what exact career I want to have with my degree. I’ve had casual ideas about working in visual merchandising or the textile industry, but no clear-cut goals. I know several girls in my major who know exactly what company they want to work for, the city they want to live in, and the designers they want to meet, but my goals change quite often. I’ve realized now though that it isn’t about the career I have, the only thing that matters to me is that I am surrounded by things that excite me, and currently that is all things fashion. I think there is a kind of beauty in not having a set plan. I am usually a very organized and diligent person when it comes to my day to day life. I always know what I’m doing the next day, sometimes I even have multiple days planned in advance. However, I have realized that having fixed plans can sometimes be a let down if things do not go exactly as you originally planned it (at least that is how I often act.) London street fashion, the shopping markets, and the diversity of the city have all contributed to this inspiration. Everything is unique and new here. Everything just chaotically flows somehow.

So, as of right now, I am very content with where I am at. I’m going to move freely with my major and dabble in every aspect that I have a genuine interest in. That way wherever I end up, I am sure to be happy. I am proud to say that studying abroad has instilled this inspiration in me and I can’t wait to see where this inspiration takes me.


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