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Finding Your Habitat: The Beautiful, Breathtaking Outdoors

Just imagine this...You start driving with your music blasting and you look out your window and see the most beautiful landscape you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Now, what’d you see?

You could have seen the beach with powerful waves crashing into the sand, covered with beautifully detailed seashells. You could have imagined a hot summer day with your windows down and the lake is your only sight with families spending the day there. You could have imagined a curvy road where you planned to hike up with the most breathtaking mountains covered with snow all around you. You could have imagined a never-ending flat countryside with the animals grazing all around you. By now, you probably get my point.

Nature is beautiful and very diverse. Each person sees it differently and values different aspects of it. The point is there is no wrong answer.

Let’s look at what I saw for a second.

I imagined a snowy winter day where I was wearing a big puffy coat and gloves, getting into my car. I still opened my windows slightly to let the chilled fresh air fill my car. I turn on the radio and "Never Come Back Again" by Austin Plaine comes on and I turn it up louder. I am singing as I look out my window to see pine trees covered by snow, up and down the beautiful mountains. I pull over to the side of the road to a lookout point just to take in the view before going home to a fire and hot cocoa. This is my perfect view.

Now, you might be thinking that my answer was nowhere close to what yours was. Honestly, that’s the point. Whatever you imagined that made you happy is the correct answer for you.

When I thought about that scenario, I thought about what season it was, the music that I was listening to, and of course the type of landscape I would want to see. I’ve always been drawn to the mountains. I have always loved to hike, but I also find myself drawn to the colder days where I can bundle all up with layers of coats and blankets. This scenario made me remember how much I love to be outdoors, but sometimes I forget to appreciate its beauty.

The point I wanted to make with this article is to explore this beautiful world and appreciate it. There are so many powerful places that can change your life. I know that may sound dramatic but from exploring these places, I have learned so much about myself. I strive to be able to take that drive that I described and I hope you do the same.

Use your imagination and find your ideal landscape. Once you do, strive to see it.

The outdoors changed my life, and I hope it changes yours too.


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