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Feeling good staying at home

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Home has always been a great place to be. But, over the past several months, I know we have all missed the excited feeling you get when you’ve got a big vacation coming up or just going out for the night with your friends. Still, who says you can’t feel that good while staying at home?

Cleaning your space can help you feel good about yourself. Picking up your bedroom or wiping down your kitchen counters will instantly put you in a good mood. A clear environment can clear your mind, relieve your stress, significantly enhance your mood and just make you feel good!

I love to feel good vibes when I’m at home. Whether that is lighting a candle and smelling my favorite scents through my house or putting on my favorite throwback playlist and dancing like nobody's watching, the vibes HAVE to be immaculate! Good vibes save lives!

We all know that saying, “look good, feel better.” Feeling good while staying home can start with how you look. Put on an outfit that makes you feel the most confident, try a new makeup look, paint your nails. Look in the mirror and feel yourself! Confidence can go such a long way -- even if you’re just at home!

Treat yourself. Just because we are at home a lot more than we once were, does not mean that you aren’t working as hard. Having a pamper day or a spa night is such a good way to unwind and let yourself relax. Or, treat yourself to a date-night at home. Cook yourself your favorite meal (or have it delivered -- you don’t have to be a chef!) and watch your favorite movie. Or, curl up on your couch to read a good book. You deserve it!

Get your sweat on. Doing a little workout can make such a difference. Take a light walk around the block or a 10-minute circuit in your living room. Getting your heart rate up will release those endorphins! Watch yourself smile bigger with every calorie you burn!

You know yourself better than anyone else does. Do the things that make you feel good, but at home. Make home your favorite place. Who says you can’t?!


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