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Fashion necessities for game day

College game days are no longer just about sports. Students nationwide use their college’s gamedays — specifically football — to dress up, take pictures and bring fashion to the stadium. SEC schools in particular are known for their game day culture, one in which people dress up from head to toe just to go to cheer on their favorite team. This phenomenon most certainly occurs at the University of Kentucky, and there are some major trends this season in particular. If you are looking to step up your college game day fashion, check out the following necessities for your next Caturday:

Tennis Skirts

On game day, you are destined to see someone wearing a tennis skirt, and for good reason. These skirts — which are perfect for games in the hot, southern sun — are also super fashionable. Who wouldn’t want to look like a cheerleader from the 90s? While many choose to wear white, you can most certainly find a skirt in Kentucky blue. Some retailers, such as Hype & Vice, even carry tennis skirts with college logos. This vintage trend will definitely make your Caturday fit that much cuter.

White Shoes

In order to have shoes that match every single outfit you wear to Kroger Field, white shoes are needed in your closet. Luckily, there are so many different styles; you can choose ones that fit your own personality. Some favorites this season include Platform Converse, Doc Martens, Nike Air Forces and, a southern classic, Cowboy Boots. These simple sneakers will pull your outfit together.


What better way to support the blue and white than with bandanas? These accessories not only come in almost every color you could possibly imagine but also are around one dollar at any craft store. Plus, they can be worn around the neck, as a hair accessory, tied around a belt loop or even as a bracelet. The versatility, affordability and fashionability of bandanas make them the perfect addition to any Caturday look.

Statement Pants

As it gets closer to winter, gamedays will get colder and colder, but that doesn’t mean the outfits need to stop getting cuter! An easy way to stay warm but remain fashionable is via statement pants. Some personal favorites this year are animal print, striped, gingham and plaid. Other trends include painting school mascots, phrases and other logos jeans, an easy way to support your school and have a unique gameday outfit. Paired with a funky belt, these bottoms can be the main component of your next look.

Oversized Jerseys

Everyone has days where they would rather dress comfy but still want to look cute. An easy way to do this for football and basketball season is by wearing an oversized replica jersey. Whether the jersey is worn alone as a dress or with simple bottoms, wearing your favorite player’s number certainly adds a sense of school spirit to fashion. Vintage jerseys never go out of style, and luckily Vintage Therapy has tons of options for UK students.

College game days are a great way to express your love for fashion and sports. But where are the best places to find pieces? If shopping online, retailers such as Amazon, Shein, Zara and Urban Outfitters are great places to begin the search. However, if you are looking to support small businesses, a great Lexington spot is Calypso Boutique. Celebrate the 6-0 Wildcats in style for your next game day thanks to the necessities.


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