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Exploring Uncharted Territories

Closing down the summer, I found myself wondering where I would be living in the months to follow. In the first week of August, I packed clothes into a carry-on duffel bag and shoved it in the back of the car. In the car, the road trip from Hilton Head to Atlanta was short. This being the first road trip in a little while after the visit to the lake in mid-July.

Under all the green exit signs, newfound freedom was felt. Every passing exit showed how far we are able to get from the house I have been in all summer since the spring semester ended earlier and sent everyone home packing (literally). All the passing vehicles had a new dashboard buddy, a mask.

Finally arriving in the city of Atlanta, staring at all the glass buildings, I found hope in the reflecting lights and the signs of life outside the homestead we all have been accustomed to. Seeing the hustle and bustle of all the businesses showed there was a schedule to get back to.

As a UK student in a different state for the semester, my mother told me it’s my “semester abroad” in respective terminology. Wondering what the next step is in this crazy world, I have ventured out into uncharted territory for the time being at Georgia Tech. Wearing UK sports gear has become a conversation starter among passing people and the circumstances of my life story are brought to light when I’m on the Yellow Jacket’s campus. Maybe I'll put some roots down here one day. I do call Kentucky home and long for the day I’ll be back on campus. Counting down the weeks till the semester is over so we can hopefully all join in common spaces with friends once again.


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