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Espresso Yourself At These Coffee Shops Around Campus

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

We all love our Starbucks coffee that is relatively the same no matter which Starbucks you go to. Here in Lexington, you can skip that generic coffees and adventure off to one of these local coffee shops less than a mile and a half from campus. The list of local coffee shops includes (in no particular order), Chocolate Holler, Coffea, North Lime Coffee & Donuts, Third Street Stuff and Coffee, Lussi Brown Coffee Bar, Common Grounds, Daily Offerings Coffee and Roastery, A Cup of Common Wealth, and last but not least, High on Art and Coffee.

I couldn’t just give out a list of my favorite coffee shops near campus without giving you the low-down of each one of them before you go!

At Chocolate Holler, guests can sip on rich chocolate from around the world or enjoy a specialty hot cocoa.

First, we have Chocolate Holler. This little coffee shop has a lot of open-space with a variety of coffee choices and original drinks in chocolate form. The atmosphere here is very welcoming, with the sweetest baristas and rustic scenery. It is calm and subtle and would be a great place to have a study session or a good conversation with friends.

Coffea is a coffee shop right on campus. The atmosphere here is also very welcoming, with green tile squares covering part of the walls and lanky plants hanging from the ceiling. There are many options of what you can get here, ranging from brewed coffee, espresso’s, hot chocolate and a nice selection of café foods. The baristas are super welcoming and quick with making your coffee.

North Lime has a regular selection of tried-and-true donuts, but introduces fun new flavors on a regular basis.

North Lime Coffee & Donuts is located at the intersection of North Lime and West 6th Street. This small hole-in-the-wall coffee shop is loaded with sweet tasting yeast and cake donuts, along with a loaded menu full of brewed coffee, cappuccinos and an option to create your own specialized drink. This small but mighty coffee shop would be a nice spot to come chit-chat with friends or study a little bit.

When you pull into the parking lot of Third Street Stuff and Coffee, all you see is the colorful artwork on the outside of the building. The inside is just as bright and creative. The atmosphere is very welcoming and family friendly, with coloring pages for small kids and a lunch menu. The menu is huge, with coffee drinks, iced and frozen, along with a large selection of food. There are tons of seating options ranging from bar stools to couches and table tops.

Common Grounds has a large coffee and tea menu, as well as a lunch selection of soups, salads, sandwiches, and more

Lussi Brown Coffee Bar is near the courthouse downtown. It is a small shop that is more grab-and-go than sit-down. If you do decide to sit and stay a while, there are limited seats available. The coffee is good, with a small menu and not many food options, but this is definitely worth a stop by to try out the coffee.

The Common Grounds High Street location is a very unique and comfortable place. Unlike many other coffee shops, Common Grounds is a huge coffee shop filled with tables and couches, along with local artists’ artwork pinned along the walls. The menu is huge and has many options for food and coffee along with many different types of teas. This would be a great place to come to study or enjoy time with friends in a comfortable environment.

Daily Offerings Coffee Roastery is downtown, across from Rupp Arena. The coffee shop is a very modern but welcoming open space. The menu is small but contains rich flavors. The baristas behind the counter are very welcoming and knowledgeable of their menu. The coffee shop has windows all around so it is a great place for natural sunlight and people watching.

Visitors OF A Cup of Common Wealth and its sister shop, Chocolate Holler, may purchase a drink for a future visitor and add it to the Pay-It-Forward wall.

A Cup of Common Wealth has great character to it. The coffee shop contains a “Pay it Forward” wall, where people can prepay for drinks and hang up a note on the wall for someone to go pick from and get a free drink. The baristas are beyond welcoming and helpful to customers. The menu is huge and has many options.

Last but not least, we have High on Art and Coffee. This small coffee shop has huge character. The menu is amazing with so many food and coffee options. The baristas behind the counter are so sweet and welcoming as soon as you walk into the door. There are a few circle tables to sit and enjoy your coffee or breakfast/lunch.

Any of these coffee shops would be a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of campus life. Even if you don’t have anything to study or specific to do, take the time and visit these cute places to really get a feel of the amazing town we live in.

Story written by Presely Doss

Photos by Emily Wrenn


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