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Does Monochromatic Work?

Is your holiday season filled with monochromatic?

The Holidays are definitely a time of inspiration, whether it be with decorating our houses, attempting new diets or trying out new styles for our wardrobe. Each year, time and time again, new trends come and hit the fashion streets around the world and land in our laps in Lexington. However, the new trend of dressing in monochromatic can be difficult to understand at first. The most commonly asked question is what is monochromatic and how does it work?

The term monochromatic means containing or using on color. When it comes to monochromatic outfits, the outfit itself consists of one color within the pieces a person decides to wear. The purpose of the monochromatic fashion trend is that you are dressed head to toe within the same color chosen. However, this does not mean it has to be the same shade of the color. To make the outfit much more fun and colorful, use different color shades within the outfit.

Now that there is an understanding of what monochromatic is, the other concern raised is does this fashion trend work for the everyday person? The answer to the question can go either way, honestly. The level of difficulty depends on the way a person decides to style their own outfit and find the right shoes. For example, the best and most simple way to use the monochromatic trend is by a jumpsuit, pantsuit, or dress. When looking at the pictures of these three clothing items, it is simple for a person to style these items because the outfit is already monochromatic and it is just down to the shoes to make this outfit.

When an outfit is bright and has different colors within the monochromatic family, make sure to pick a shoe that stands out with the outfit. Look for shoes that match the color your dressing in or maybe even bright white shoe, or black if it matches or stands out. However, if the color picked is a neutral color, make sure the shoes you pick follow suit.

Now that there is a deeper understanding of how monochromatic works, here are five useful tips to use when you decide to dress in monochromatic this holiday season:

  1. Mix textures within your outfit.

  2. Your nails can be the pop color, too.

  3. Coordinating metallics is workable.

  4. It’s okay to copy someone else's look.

  5. Neutrals can be stylish, too.

The point of monochromatic is to be fun and stand ou. Don’t be afraid to try something new and out of your comfort zone.


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